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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

English into Arabic professional translation services, the secrets of what has made us the best in the market.

English into Arabic professional translation services, the secrets of what has made us the best in the market.

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services was founded by two English into Arabic professional translators for whom the demand for in the global market increased and the number of returning clients was doubled.  The expertise of the translator and the high quality of work output were the main factors of success.  However, for a translation company, the requirements were more complex.

As a leading provider in a global unstable market, the challenge of maintaining a high number of clientele and serving professionally with a high quality of translation product, while respecting deadlines and specific requirements is the key to client satisfaction and good reputation.  Almiaad Lingua has relied on transparency and professionalism with its clients and staff in order to make every aspect of work a success.  For this purpose, the need to identify the special demands of English into Arabic professional translation was eminent.

People in the Middle East as well as those form outside this region need English into Arabic translation for a number of purposes which we had to identify before setting up a section policy.  This led us to the identification of a set of market identification and a tailored marketing research strategy.  The profile of actual customers enabled us to sketch what makes an accurate translation.

There is one major fact which people in the translation industry have not been able to identify.  It is the importance of the English into Arabic translation needs.  Statistics show that, although it is less significant than English into French translation, it remains in high demand in global markets.  The most obvious detail is that the number of translators in the market working for this language pair is the largest by far.  The idea that the market is shared, though unequally, by a very large number of translators shows how important this fact is.  Moreover, the diversity and importance of clients who constantly need this pair, thanks to the region’s economic weight and, reveal the actual importance and future perspectives for this pair.

However, the issue of quality has been the topic of a number of debates among clients and within service providers.  There is a very serious problem with the linguistic and professional quality.  As experts and professionals in the field, we have suffered from this low quality; especially when we do proofreading.  Clients who send us English into Arabic already translated files to proofread are not usually aware that they had handed their files to people whose expertise in Standard Arabic is below native level, although the translator speaks Arabic as a mother tongue.  The absence of quality in translation certification and higher education institutions is a very alarming fact that has made some translators’ work a real mess.

For Almiaad Lingua the issue of accuracy in Arabic, as well as any other language handled, has been taken into consideration right at the beginning.  We decided to set up very strict recruitment, follow up criteria and adequate handling of files.  Apart from verified certification and work experience, we had to expose any candidate to different types of texts in various contexts.  This is easier to handle for in-house full time translators.  However, for a freelancer, the follow up and double checking/ proofreading during the probation period usually enable us to decide on the level of trust we can give to a professional Arabic translator working with us. 

Our clients in the Middle East can now rely on the expertise of our local team in Dubai.  They are closer to you, and more able to understand your needs.  Please, visit our new website for more details:

London/Leicester office;


  1. Hello!
    I believe this makes the issue of quality in translation quite doubtful.
    How do you know if a translator is good?

  2. We have our assessment criteria. That's why assigning translation to a company is much safer.

  3. How do you offer English into Arabic translation? Do you send files by post?


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