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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For a professional voice over artist: How to build a home studio for voice over products?

How to build a home studio for voice over products?
From getting filter, microphones etc. to the final cutting and treatment of finalized audio files.  We share the experience of a voice over artist.


Voice over is in high demand, but competition is becoming fierce as well.
As a voice over artist, the only solution to keep afloat is to suggest competitive rates and reduce cost.  For this purpose, you should stop paying large amounts on hiring studios by installing your own voice over studio on a budget.
An Almiaad Lingua Arabic voice over artist has been able to help reduce cost using our first home studio equipment 4 years ago.
Almiaad Lingua  presents the following steps on how to build a home recording studio for voice over and dubbing products.
Your home studio is made up of sound proof room/booth, audio equipment, computer and software suites.
The microphone:
The choice of quality microphones are very important for a home studio.  Technically speaking, condenser microphones intake, with a high precision, the source voice and are very sensitive to sounds.  Even the hand touch interferes in the recording.  They can be directly mounted to the mixer or the connection device.  However, due to their high technicality and sensitivity, they are usually more liable to damage.  Dynamic types of microphones are more durable and capable of supporting shocks.  Meanwhile, their sound quality remains much lower than the condenser types.   However, they are able to produce very high quality, but with less sensitivity.  They are suitable for voice recording and musical instruments as well.
Regarding the price, it is usually noticed that condenser types are double the price of a normal dynamic microphone.
Along with the microphone, a pop filter is also required to filter the hissing and popping caused by the direct mouth exposure to a condenser microphone. 
Since the insulation in a home studio isn’t usually as professional installed in professional studios, very low noise can sometime infiltrate into the recording. Also, working on a number of tracks can cause overlapping.  Hence, the need for professional headphones which can capture the lowest noise and help edit the final product professionally.
The software and hardware:
The selection of the software means the choice of the audio interface and the software to be used to make the recording on your computer.  The hard drive should also be adapted to the requirements of larger RAM.  The connection between the computer and the microphone and other instruments is assured by an interface connected to the desktop/laptop.  For sound effects, the use of pro tools provides a number of musical and other effects that need to be added to some recordings.   Some software can replace the use of mixers.  This package can also provide a solution for the mixing, editing and cutting of audio product. 
Get the above equipment and plug them.  Download the software and start your first voice over recording with your cheap and life time home studio!
Because, we don’t want to mislead the reader, we refrained from mentioning trademarks and names of products related to the equipment of a home studio.  For the choice, you can rely on the experience of other colleagues and a neutral technician.
As a provider of voice over services, Almiaad Lingua has started using its home studios in a couple of teams and locations.  Our Arabic voice artists now use home studios without the need to hire expensive professional studios.
Here is a link to some of our voice over samples:


  1. Almiaad Lingua, do you provide English voice commentary and documentary dubbing?

    1. Yes, Almiaad provides voice over commentary and dubbing of documentary movies/films.

  2. Is this possible for amateurs of voice products as well?

    1. The guidelines provided are based on how our teams in different parts of the world use as home studio building steps.


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