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Sunday, October 20, 2013

In a very competitive market, how to make the cost is ‘reasonable’?

In a very competitive market, how to make the cost ‘reasonable’?
There is nothing more tempting for a client than a very low rate and a fast turnaround while high quality translation is maintained.  However, for a translation company/freelance translator, the reduction of the cost of performing a translation task up to the lowest rate in the market is more disappointing than unrewarding.
Due to the fierce competition and the dominance of cost issues in business, many providers of translation services are forced to accept lower rates in order to cope with the new situation.  Meanwhile the main challenge remains: how to maintain high quality of professional while offering competitive rates?
For this purpose, translation companies were offered tailored marketing solutions ranging from migrating to lower cost labour markets by creating local agencies in countries where they can hire cheap translators, to the reliance on freelancers whose output quality remains less guaranteed.  In between, some companies chose to be selective in the choice of their clientele by relying on those who pay more to get an optimum quality.  In all the above choice, there is one aspect being sacrificed: either the annual profit or the output quality.   
Almiaad Lingua has chosen to burn candles from both sides and be a pioneer in an innovative translation business plan.  Since our principle is to operate with local and shared leadership management, we set up teams and agencies in major economic poles with the possibility of a localized market initiative, starting from local rates, well trained providers who know the languages and the business locally more than globalized companies operating on the internet.  The second principle is the employment of the recent social network findings.  These principles help us set up and organize teams of translation and language service providers.
The following translation services have recently profited from the setting of local teams and social networking:
Professional English to Arabic translation: we have teams in most Arabic peaking countries
Professional Russian translation services:
Professional French English translation and English into French translation:
However, Almiaad Lingua operates both globally and locally to provide document translation services, website translation and localization services.
Meanwhile, Almiaad Lingua has teams for:
ALMIAAD LINGUA respects the principles of Quality Assurance.  Our work process is well organized and takes the quality of work and the client’s satisfaction into consideration.  Our project managers handle the communication with the onsite translator and the client in case there problems or special requirements. The proofreader takes care of the file for a check of the file. Our follow up requires that even after the successful submission of the file, we remain at the client\s disposition in case of any problems or amendments.
Although the field of professional translation has been fiercely competitive, we remain among the best providers in the global level.
• We suggest the most competitive rates,
• We employ quality assurance principles.
• We accept tight deadlines.

• We are available 24/24 and 7/7 assistance.


  1. Do you have teams/agency/company in Kuwait and Oman?
    We need a long term partner for taking care of our document translation.
    If so, send best price/cost offered for long term work of translation from English into French and Arabic.
    Please, respond here only

  2. Yes, please visit our website:
    in case you need urgent reply, kindly use any of the numbers on our website for calling and sending SMS.

  3. Hi!
    Nice and active blog.
    What does it mean: tight deadlines?
    Is it true that you translate on the spot?


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