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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best & professional English to French and French to English translation and language services

Best translation and language services in many language pairs
Almiaad Lingua is a provider of best translations in about 100 language pairs.
Almiaad Lingua has been working with Professional Multi Language Translators to provide professional document translation services.  French and English translation services have been among the pairs in high demand since the last decade.  French to English, in specific, has been widely expanding across countries and industries.

Professional French to English translation is needed by corporates operating across the Atlantic.  The USA and Canadian markets are good examples of the importance of this language pair.  Our clients in Europe and America usually need the translation of company profiles and business agreements. 
International bodies, including UN and EU organisations, have both languages as official languages and the translation of internal documents are in high demand.  Medical and business clients also require their documents and working manuals to be rendered into English or French.
Hence, the need for professional French to English translator has been considered of a paramount importance in our recruitment plans. Our unarguable condition is the native speaker condition and fluency.  That’s, for English to French translation, the translator should have French as a native language and show this as a fluency level.  French to English translators also should be native and very fluent in English.
The university degree level should show both the knowledge about the field of expertise and the level of linguistic knowledge. People who have less than a BA level are normally not integrated or recruited even for freelance positions unless they who an exceptional expertise and experience in the translation profession.  This doesn’t underestimate the expertise accumulated through years of experience, which just as rich as university degree accreditation.  We appreciate personal development and practical experience, but this has to be proven through actual translation, tests and proven past experience. 
English and French certified translation services depend on the certifying body and the level of authority it has.  For a reputed translation company like Almiaad Lingua, this service relies on our reputation and status in the market as well as on the notarized rank of the translator dealing with the file.  We have enough full time translators working for us as English to French and French to English certified translators to handle all the daily requirements we receive.
Regarding the English to Arabic translation services, our best translators have had decades working with us.  Apart from the degree certificates and training courses they have received, they have accumulated rich experience working with us on different industries and for many fields of expertise.   We have the best translators in the language these pairs, in specific: English to Arabic, Arabic to English, French to Arabic French to English and English to French.
Our best and most professional translation services appreciated by our clients are indebted to the wealth of our experience and the dedication of our top translators.  It is because Almiaad Lingua values the expertise of its professional translators, English, French and Arabic pairs have made its translation services the best and most professional in the global market.
The best professional French to English and English to French translation services provided by almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services, Ltd.

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  1. Do you have a rate per page for English to French translations?


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