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Thursday, December 19, 2013

EFL, ESL. IELTS / TOEFL Courses and TEFL Training and Certificates

EFL, ESL. IELTS / TOEFL Courses and TEFL Training and Certificates

Almiaad Education Centre provides English and Arabic language training courses for a wide range of purposes and varied clientele. Our services started with a small team in the 1990s in the UAE led by PhD holder and expert in Applied Linguistics and an ELT advisor and education consultant.  The team started working on language training courses and IELTS/TOEFL exam preparations before embarking on more important TEFL training projects.

Our teacher training programs offered a significant change in the way in which teachers were trained for the classroom.  The need for the adoption of more classroom oriented, student – centred and eclectic approaches necessitated a totally different approach in the design of TEFL programs for teachers in regions like the Middle East.  The local cultural affiliation and specific social layer of the learners had their impact on the way in which the learning task takes place. 

These factors reflect the importance of social interaction and motivation for certain learners.  This revealed to educators the need for localised approaches and more contextualised teaching practices.  Hence, our TEFL training relies on these aspects to develop more successful teachers of English in the contexts in wish to work. A TEFL certificate is a 120 hour training program, and a personal tutor is assigned to each trainee.

Our TEFL trainees receive either onsite or online training.  But, the practicum sessions need to be done onsite at our premises or in coordination with one of our affiliate language schools and colleges.
Regarding our ESL and EFL courses, we develop specially tailored programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Some individuals may require learning English for general purposes, but want to focus on the development of their speaking skill.  This is usually needed for job place and everyday interactions.  However, others may require developing their writing skill in order to be able to use English effectively in their business exchanges in the form of emails or letters.

Those who want to pass an English testing system, like EILTS and TOEFL, often need more work from our side.  This kind of language training requires increasing their language levels before training them on the test preparations.  At the end of the preparation stage, regardless of the number of hours agreed on, a mock test is performed to give the trainee an idea about their performance level.  This will decide on the next date to fix for the test.

Apart from its language training courses, Almiaad Education Centre offers teacher recruitment services.  We help colleges, universities, language schools and private primary and secondary schools find the best qualified and trained staff for their programs.  We often carry in-service training courses for the staff whenever new programs or learning materials are implemented.

The cost of training is very reasonable, but it takes into consideration the salaries we pay for our highly professional staff.  Teachers, trainers and consultants working with us are postgraduate degree holders with a long expert in the field. 

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