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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Professional German translation services, enormous potential and unparalleled growth.

Professional German translation services, enormous potential and unparalleled growth.

German has been occupying a leading role in its region with a passion to lead and unite.  This passion and determinism were behind the economic and social realizations of the nation.  Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the system of social security contributed to the countries’ economic boom, in general, and to the sustained growth of its industry, German’s pride along modern history.  
These factors have led to an important position for Germany at the international level and to very significant perspectives for the, country, its language and global interaction.  The daily news and political activities reveal the extent to which Germany is becoming highly influential.  Hence, German translation services have very high potential in addition to their actual significance.   
Almiaad Lingua produced an evaluation of the importance of German related translation pairs.  Our estimations and analyses of last years’ growth in German translation services show a more important tendency for the New Year.
At Almiaad Lingua, professional, accurate and certified German translation services are handled by a team of highly qualified translators. A professional German translator working with us should have at least a working experience of not less than 5 years with verified records and useful fields of expertise.  The entry test decides on the classification of the newly recruited translator.  Freelancers should also go through the same recruitment and verification procedure.
Our German project managers are also well equipped with the most sophisticated management tools and techniques which help them coordinate with our clients online or via the telephone as well in face to face meetings.  Their assessment of translators and projects is a very efficient tool for translator’s performance.  The quality of our German translation output is made more professional thanks to the revisions and checklist evaluations performed by the project managers before final submission. 
Almiaad Lingua provides best and highly professional German translation services within all fields of expertise.  We have document translation, certified and stamped translation, medical reports translation, and engineering translation.
For all our professional German translation services, here is a list of most of our fields of translation:
ü Education
ü Diplomacy
ü Computer sciences
ü Hardware and software engineering
ü Chemistry
ü Chemical engineering
ü Business
ü Advertising
ü Accounting
ü Banking
ü Finance
ü Marketing
ü Market research studies
ü Surveys
ü Trade
ü Trade show
ü Stands
ü Import  / Export
ü Shipping
ü Artistic articles and books
ü Arts course design /content
ü Entertainment
ü Music
ü Games
ü Gaming
ü Cinema
ü Theatre
ü Beauty
ü Cosmetic products
ü Fashion
ü Tourism
ü Travel agency
ü Graphic design
ü Electronics
ü Electronic engineering
ü Engineering
ü Textile
ü Management
ü Non-Government Organisations (NGO)
ü Not-For-Profit Organizations
ü Politics
ü Insurance
ü Journalism
ü Articles
ü Medical studies
ü Human resources
ü Immigration documents /applications
ü Patents and laws
ü Website translation
ü Website localisation
ü Software localization
ü Brand name analysis
ü Media
ü TV
ü Radio
ü Textiles
ü Technology
We also offer the German translation of patent documents and personal documents.
Almiaad Lingua covers authentication, authentic stamped and notarized document translation for major language pairs, including German ones.  Authorized translations with our stamping are sent to your door without major charges.  If you need a verified and stamped translation of your documents, you can just send us a copy of the original document and pay the translation and postage costs and we send it to the door of your house using DHL or any rapid post dispatching system.  We have got a global team in charge of dispatching letters and parcels of translated hard copy materials who work in coordination with project managers.
Our branches in Dubai and London offer best translation services:
The list of language pairs which have German is very long and constantly improving.  The main language pairs are: German to Arabic, German to English, German to Swedish, German to French, German to Russian, German to Swedish, German to Italian, Arabic to German, English to German, Swedish to German, French to German, Russian to German, Turkish to German, German to Turkish, Ukrainian to German, German to Ukrainian, German to Hindi, and German to Urdu.
For all your needs for professional and accurate German translation services, you can visit one of our websites:


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