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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Russian Translation services

Russian Translation services

Russian translation services are very important for Almiaad Lingua because this language plays a key role in business, politics and scientific research.  This explains the revival of interest in translations that have Russian and the return of Russia to the world scene.  We assess the need for a particular language or some related pairs based on its importance and the significance of it country at the global and regional levels.  What we have noticed is that inquiries, contacts and free quote requests that deal with Russian translation have doubled during the last decade.  We were used to contracts and temporary deals with Russian oil companies and individuals in the first decade of this century. However, there is a diversification and a noticeable increase in clients.  For this purpose, we have created a larger team of professional Russian translators and improved their output capacity for potential and actual leads. 
Almiaad Lingua is on its way to opening a new office in Russia.  This is open to a cost analysis. But, the decision has been made to be more involved in the Russian market, with special focus on localization.  Our certified and notarized Russian translations are now very important.
Certified and notarized Russian translation services
We provide certified, and notarized (if required), translation of medical records, birth certificates, divorce/marriage certificates, school/college/university transcripts, passports, etc.  Certified translation stamping ensures that the translated document is legally recognized for use with official institutions as being a legal and authentic copy of the original.  Usually, courts, immigration offices, universities, and legal authorities ask for an authentic copy of the records.   
Most of our Russian into English and English into Russian clients use our certified translation for the following types of documents: birth/death certificate, approved name change certificate, policy/security clearance, marriage/divorce certificate, driver’s license, power of attorney, immigration registration certificate, etc.
However, we provide 12 more language pairs which have Russian, like French to Russian, Russian to French, Russian to Arabic and Arabic to Russian.  The importance of Russian translation services is expanding thanks to the restoration of the Russian image in the global economic and political scenes.  Arabic from and to Russian translations, for example, have witnessed an important improvement since 2007. 
Almiaad Lingua offers medical, technical, engineering, scientific, legal, document, financial and all fields of translation services.  Our language specialists work under the supervision of project managers whom we give more authority in the assessment of work output and respect of deadlines.  Hence, the translators are constantly evaluated.
The language pairs involved in Russian translation
We translate into nearly within all language pairs that involve Russian.  English to Russian and Russian to English are very important pairs.  English to Arabic and Arabic to English are improving for Almiaad Lingua.  French to Russian and Russian to French are aspects of the French –Russian cooperation at the political and business levels.  German into Russian and Russian into German are likely to be much more important.  Professional translation experts are inclined to consider Chinese into Russian and Russian into Chinese to be very important as well.
For all your professional translation needs, you can rely on Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services. Ltd.

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