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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almiaad Lingua Training Center, a professional provider of training services.

Almiaad Lingua Training Center, a professional provider of training services.
Almiaad Lingua Training Center was set up by a team of teacher trainers and professionals in vocational training.  Experts in human resources development and self-improvement skills improved the position of the center a decade ago. We worked for the region of Africa and the Middle East and Asia before joining our global team of training and consultancy providers.
Training is conceptualized as the mere improvement of performance for the sake of development of work outcome.  We believe in the high potential in our capacities and that this potential needs to be development through the implementation of skills. 
The development of skills, either personal or professional, requires scientific studies in Psychology, sociology and management, etc.  Our professional trainers are experts in the design and implementation of training courses who have had enough experience in different parts of the world.
Almiaad Lingua Training Center is qualified to offer the following types of training courses:
Teacher training, vocational training, personal development courses training, paramedical treatment training, healing therapies training, group management training, conflict handling, and business management skills training: Leadership Training,  workshop training, Communication Training,  Sales Training,  Soft Skills Training, HR Training , giving public speaking ,    Content Development, Outbound Workshops and Institutional Training.
Our training activities with government and private institutions have reached 2000 training portfolios last year.  We provide training services to over 250 companies and institutes all over the world, mainly in:
Middle East: Oman, UAE (Dubai), KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan.
However, we have started having more training activities in some African countries, including:
South Africa,
The African continent is full of opportunities for its own people.  The natural resources only can make the continent the richest place only if training needs are met to create a skilled labour and more efficient management.  For this purpose, we believe that our mission in Africa should start with the improvement of the understanding of these countries in their potential. 
African human and natural resources have to be managed carefully using a revolutionary view of how the working force, the investors and the political power should work together to improve the way the business skills are developed.  This starts with an education reform which goes hand in hand with the improvement of skills.
Management skills are not just about the way the management acts with customers and staff members. It is mainly about the efficient employment of resources.  In this sense, a successful vocational training program and efficient soft skills and communication training improves the way the person used his/her capacities to reach an optimum level of performance.
We deliver training courses either at the premises of the client or in our headquarters.  In some cases we hire localities in conference rooms or provide some soft skills training online.
Our professional trainers are certified by well-known global training institutes. They have enough experience to handle all that they have in their portfolio/CV.

At Almiaad Lingua Training Center, training is the key to success in professional life. 

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