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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Language Learning Services

Language Learning Services

Almiaad Lingua provides a comprehensive solution to all your linguistic needs. We provide English / Arabic /French learning solutions for groups and individuals.  Language Learning services are handled by the most experienced academia working with our company: Almiaad Lingua.
Are you:
A a language school, college or educational authority looking to recruit teachers?
Looking for a language learning services provider?
Seeking online TEFL certificate course?
Wondering where you can find English tutor?
Searching for teachers/instructors/lecturers for you college/school etc.?
Worried about passing an IELTS /TOEFL or language proficiency test?
Need to set up a language school?
Need experts in language learning?
Want to study Arabic ?

We have got answers to all you questions and needs.  The reason is that we have got experts and experienced language service providers on whom we have relied to conceptualize the provision of education services based on languages.  These services are based on four main branches:
1-   Counselling and program conceptualization
Our experts work with educational institutions and investors in the educational field to provide counselling services to their schools, colleges, universities and educational projects.  As providers of language learning services, we have participated in many educational reform projects, including the basic education endeavours undertaken in many countries.
Almiaad Education Centre helps in the educational program conceptualization projects by offering the highly professional expertise of its staff.  Regardless of the programs and syllabi to be designed, we offer knowledge and experience based original ideas which help your education project succeed.  We have worked with international organizations and ministries of education to improve the quality of their institutions. 
2-   Recruitment and training
Recruitment is a very delicate language learning service.  Almiaad Lingua is the exclusive recruiter of staff and auditing teams for many governmental and private education institutions.  We recruit teachers, instructors and teachers for schools and colleges based on our staff quality scheme.  The criteria we employ result from field research and client orientations as well.

We have a large database of ESL, EFL, ELT, TESOL, etc. teachers whose expertise and verified experience have been evaluated by our recruitment experts.  We conduct the interviews for you, check the authenticity of the qualifications and past experience, and evaluate the candidate’s job performance in the final report to help you rank all the candidates and choose those who fit best for your vacancies.

We help you find the best teacher who meets the requirements of your school or college.  This has been proven in the recruitments we have performed for language schools in France and colleges, in the UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) and Oman (colleges).

Training of teachers was one of the core skills we started with.  We are excellent at training novice teachers and implementing changes and reforms by training teachers on how to employ them.  Almiaad Lingua provides professional teacher training services.

3-   Provision of courses and certification
TEFL training and TEFL or TESOL certificates are among the language learning services which are in high demand these days.  Because teachers willing to start and ESL, EFL, TESOL, or TEFL teaching career need special training and rehabilitation, we have decided to help with of our expertise and long experience in the field to disseminate the knowledge and experience our staff has gained throughout their long careers in the field. 
We train teachers and provide those who are fit for the profession with TEFL Certificates in order to be able to successfully handle an ELT classroom.

Almiaad lingua provides English and Arabic learning courses online and onsite to groups and individuals, based on your requirements.  We provide language training services to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners based on specific needs and course outline discussed in advance.
4-   Evaluation expertise
Almiaad lingua suggests one more language learning related service.  The evaluation of courses, course outlines, syllabi, education programs, teachers’ profiles, inspectors’ and counsellors’ programs, syllabus designers, course materials’ producers and educational management teams are among the aspects of our dedicated services in the fields of education and language learning.
Almiaad Education Center suggests more professional language learning services:


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