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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Professional German translation services

Professional German translation services

Almiaad Lingua is a global company offering European language translation services, with headquarters in many countries in Europe, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa.  The professional quality of our services has been at the origin of its exceptional success.
German is an Indo-European language, slightly influenced –through borrowing- by English, French and Greek.   It is a very important language in fields like: technology, politics, scientific research and economic studies.  It is also a language of publications and literary studies.  The number of people who speak German amounts to over 100 million. This is the first language spoken in Europe. 
The significance of the work performed by Martin Luther gave this language an important position in history.  He was the first to translate the Bible into a regional European language and to cut with the authority of the Pope.  This demonstrated a motivation to lead and to be different.
Thus, this first German translation attempt meant a dedication to lead the world and a self determination to be different.  These basic characteristics were at the origin of the revival and leading position at the global level.  Hence, our German translation services have taken this perspective to increase people’s awareness about the importance of this language.
At Almiaad Lingua, we allocate special importance to some significant language pairs and translation fields.  Professional translation is not only profit and business; it is also the improvement of public awareness and the discovery of new business ideas.  Thinking outside the box entails creating innovative business concepts and horizons by adopting a unique view to things around us.
Therefore, Almiaad Lingua has set up teams of German professional translation services to ensure the provision of high quality of translation within these language pairs:
German Spanish, German English, German French, German Russian, German Arabic, German Chinese, German Japanese, German Turkish, English German, Spanish to German, French to German, Arabic to German, Russian German, Turkish German, Japanese to German, Chinese to German, Italian German and German Italian.
We also provide translations between German and African languages like: Afrikaans and Swahili.
Almiaad Lingua has developed a team of highly professional German translators and conference interpreters based in different countries and cities.  The improvement of our services has gone through a process of auditing and critical evaluation and development.  We modified our recruitment policy for German language staff in order to meet the various needs of our clients in the past decade.  The assessment of needs showed that some areas work better than others.  Some translation fields of expertise have been on high track for years.  The expansion of staff, either full time or freelancers, had to put such findings into consideration.
We are now proud to have gathered a team of the most experienced and professional German translation and interpreting / interpretation experts in all our headquarters:
London, UK:
Dubai and the Middle East Region:
International Almiaad office, services:
For all your needs, there is a single email which ensures you get a quick reply:
If the case is urgent, you can call us or send an SMS (text message) to any of these numbers:
+44 77477 69820
+216 555 666 05
+ 968 99089029

+216 96 515 395

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