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Friday, February 14, 2014

Professional Online Arabic Translation Services from London to Dubai

Professional Online Arabic Translation Services from London to Dubai
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Almiaad Lingua is a professional provider of translation and language services which emerged just before the online service provision revolution and made use of all possible opportunities to grow as a global provider of Arabic -among other languages- translation services in the regions of Europe, America and the Middle East.
The emergence of online translation services has provided freelancers and translation companies equal opportunities of exposure and competitiveness.   However, the situation exhibits differences between regions and among countries as well.  These differences are more than marketing specificities and market uniqueness.
For Amiaad Lingua, Arabic translation services are not region and market specific.  We are used to providing Arabic translation and interpreting for conferences, medical and business meetings for clients from all the continents of the world.  It is not a matter of client density, either.  We sometimes receive enquiries and quote requests from outside the European and Middle Eastern regions.  People from Russia, China, Canada, Japan or even Australia constantly contact us for Arabic translation services.
However, Almiaad Lingua London and Dubai offices are very much concerned with the business leads as they both offer Arabic translation services.  They employ a large number of full time and part time Arabic translators.  They also handle the same services for two different regions, but with a localized business mind.
Localization is not only a service we provide.  It is a business handling model we employ in our day to day work.  Almiaad Lingua understands the specificities an requirements of each office and manages it business according to the guidelines set by our business experts.
As a cosmopolitan dynamic city, London requires much customized and market tailored Arabic translation services.   They manifest in the forms of immigration document translation, legal and contract translation, business meeting interpreting, brochure and corporate document translation from and into Arabic, etc.
Dubai is a more cosmopolitan business hub.  Its need for Arabic translation aiming to help achieve localization and market penetration are much more significant.  Business leaders have to render their slogans and business marketing documents into Arabic for a better selling outcome.  This is also a place where most business and commercial contracts are signed.  The translation of the legal documents is very important for local business partners.  Arabic translators’ work is to make the content faithfully clear to the Arabic speaker.  
Meanwhile, the use of brand name analysis is very significant.  Companies have to make their products and business names market friendly by adopting them to the local markets.  This requires more than the mere translation and the study of how well they might be received by potential customers. 
Arabic translation services in London and in Dubai are in high demand, but local markets and different customers are different.

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