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Friday, February 21, 2014

The potential importance of professional French translation services

The potential importance of professional French translation services
English into French and French to English professional translation services, as examples.
French translation services draw their importance, not only from the economic and political significance of France as a country and the French speaking parts of Canada and other Francophone countries; but also from the significant cultural heritage of the French speaking community and its important contribution in the global economy.  Although English is becoming more dominant in cultural, political and economic sectors, the revival interest in French as a language of global communication is eminent.
French English translation services demand are increasing in number, not only in translation portals, but also in the number of free quote requests and enquiries received month after month.  The numbers of online postings and onsite visits looking for a French English translator have also significantly increased. The online French to English translation demands have also improved, according to major portals and market research conducts.  Thus, the French translation to English does not suffer from any potential problems or shortage of demand.
Almiaad Lingua, as global provider of professional French English translation, has not witnessed any indications that the market leads will show any downfalls or changes in trends.  The latter are likely to remain as high as today, if not much higher in the light of the new economic revival.
Regarding the English into French keywords, the demands are even higher in the global market.  In countries like the GCC block : UAE (Dubai & others), Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, the need for French translation like French into Arabic and Arabic into French, French into English and English French are increasing on our website:
German into French, Italian to French, Chinese to French, Japanese to French, Russian to French and many other European languages to French professional translations are widely sought in the global market.  Translators working with these pairs either as freelances or as onsite full time employees have been busy with tasks of different kinds.
The types of files which clients have been sending are essentially related to business, scientific, legal and educational fields.   However, we often receive English to French demand for political and medical translations.  The translation and localization of French websites and company brochures are very highly needed for French companies operating in the GCC area or in Russia.  Chinese demands for brand name analysis and company document translations are also very common.
Almiaad Lingua receives very large number of enquiries regarding French to English and English into French interpreting for conferences, meetings and training sessions in Europe and Dubai.  Our professional and certified interpreters work hard to meet the growing demand in this area.  Apart from the trouble in mobilizing staff and arranging for their travels to various parts of the world, the use of our staff in Dubai, Russia, UK, France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Germany barely meets these increasing needs.  Hence we are constantly working to increase the number of recruited staff every year.  However, due to the restrictions imposed by quality and professionalism, we raised the staff recruitment criteria and the profile of who is likely to work with us in order to protect the good reputation and high level of our offered services.

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