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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Almiaad Lingua recruits more sign language interpreters

Almiaad Lingua recruits more sign language interpreters
Almiaad Lingua provides sign language interpreting services for a wide range of services and for various customers.
What is Sign language interpreting?
Sign Language Interpreting is the simultaneous or consecutive facilitation of oral or sign language understanding.  Deaf people and those who suffer from hard hearing difficulties require their sign language to be interpreted to others who do not understand it.  Also, those who use natural language need to make their messages understood by these speech impaired people. This translation / interpreting requires a high degree of authenticity. 
Qualities of a sign language interpreter
The ability to faithfully and accurately convey the message from speech to signs or the other way round is the basic requirement of the professional sign language interpreter.   Of course, this entails deep and accurate knowledge of the sign language and relevant training to perform such tasks.  Another criteria is to avoid frustrating the deaf and hard of hearing people by not being able to convey the essence of what is going on around them in the context of the interpreting task.  The example of the interpreter who failed to convey the messages clearly and made recourse to strange acts while singing during the funerals of Nelson Mandela in 2013 is a clear instance of how sign language interpreting can turn to be a frustrating and unprofessional performance. 
Types of Sign Languages
British Sign Language
Although American and British English are mutually intelligible, British Sign language is different from American Sign Language.   it is used by around 130,000 deaf people.  It uses hand shape, hand motion and direction of the movement.   Spelling out words is done through finger spelling which employs and special alphabet.  It is now believed that the subject-verb-object canonical form is found in British Sign Language.
American Sign Language
It is widely used in America and the British speaking part of Canada.   It originated from Hartford and it is supposed to be used by around 500,000 people.  It employs natural language phonemes and finger spelling.  The latter are often used with words borrowed from other languages.  This sign language shows aspects of agreement, continuous aspects and verb agreement in its grammar.  This shows that the stigmatized view of spoken / natural language superiority is not true.
French Sign Language
This is believed to be the mother of American Sign Language.  the latter influenced the former because the people who worked on the American School of the Deaf to design a new code for these speech impaired people used principles of communication from the French school. 
Russian Sign Language
It is different from the structure and founding of the Russian language. Russian Sign Language is similar to Bulgarian SL.  However, it is different from the signed Russian employed in news programs for the dead. 
How does Almiaad Lingus recruit Sign Language Interpreters?
Apart from the certification and experience requirements, Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services tests the candidates based on:
  • The use of expressive and receptive signing when they transmit a  message from sign to speech and from speech to sign. 
  • The way they handle deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people.
  • The speed t=within which the interpreting is done both ways.
Also, some registers and organization provide certification to sign language interpreters, like the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf.

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