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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arabic into English and English into Arabic Professional Translation Glossaries

Arabic into English and English into Arabic Professional Translation Glossaries


Almiaad Lingua for Translation & Language Services has recently set up some internal series of glossaries for some fields of expertise for internal reference.  This step is meant to improve our accuracy and performance as already mentioned in Almiaad Lingua Quality Assurance Documents.

Glossaries are generally bilingual lists of terms classified according to the field of expertise (medical, engineering, educational, etc.).  They follow the principle of synonymy in the corresponding language.  They may have explanations of technical concepts in the corresponding field of expertise.  Large companies and organizations use their own glossaries and compel translators and editors to employ them exclusively, regardless of the level unanimity within which these terms are received in the target language.

The use of widely agreed glossaries is very important in medical and legal terms, for example.  The precision required in these fields is exceptionally important.  Difference in the employment of legal terms may create confusion and diversion in interpretation.  This may result in a conflict of interests and loss of some parties.  Thus, the need to follow widely agreed terms in translating these kinds of texts is an important achievement. 

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The main aim is to improve the terminology database so as to create an Arabic term reference for students, researchers and academic staff.  The production of such a reference document will enrich the Arabic translation academic field and create conformity in the terms and concepts employed.

Medical glossaries operating in the field and employed by translators are very good example of how technical translations into Arabic suffers from the employment of different terms and references.  This influences the work of translators and proofreaders and clients as well.

People working within the medical English into Arabic and the French to Arabic pairs encounter many difficulties with the existence of different medical terms.  This applies to very technical medical research terms and those related to the naming of machinery.

Those translating from French have no access to those translating from English; hence the terms employed are divergent and mutually incomprehensible.   This situation is very frustrating for translators and proofreaders, alike.  The translator may be familiar with some terms that the proofreader refuses in his/her editing. 

Translators working in different countries use different terms.  They have glossaries different from those used in other Arab countries.  This is not only in relation with the dominant second language in those countries.     

This is not only due to the language of origin.  It is very much likely to be the product of the non-conformity situation.  The absence of the institutionalized work in the Arab world has resulted in this dilemma.

Almiaad Lingua believes that the authority of the references and the institution should provide the translation profession with tools for work, including the reference glossaries.   If this difficult to realize through an Arabic language institution or an academic organization, it is achievable through professional work.  Almiaad Lingua proposes Almiaad Lingua Arabic Glossary as a reference document in three languages: English, French and Arabic.  Hopefully, this will be available in other languages like: Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Urdu, Dutch, Norwegian, Canadian French and Swedish.

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