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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Design and implementation of online and classroom professional training services

Design and implementation of online and classroom professional training services

Almiaad Training Center provides professional vocational, personal development, staff, soft skills, IT skills, language skills, management, innovation, online, onsite; teachers’ training, among several context-designed and specifically oriented training activities.  Apart from the traditional training approach, Almiaad Training Center employs experiential and performance based approaches. 

Training is often defined as the provision and dissemination of practical knowledge and improvement of performance by the development of particular skills.  This definition considers the knowledge and performance backgrounds of the professional training’s mission. In fact, this applies to vocational, in service, pre-service and staff training in private and public sectors.  

Almiaad Training Center produces training portfolios in an effective group work task.  The people who should perform the training in question get together with training designers and trainers of trainers to produce the training session portfolio.  This includes handling the various tasks and objectives as well as the content of the presentation and the various activities involved.  It is necessary to make sure that the training content is assessed and approved before the training sessions.

Almiaad Training Center started providing various types of training in the beginning of the present millennium.   We first started as teacher trainers for novice English ESL/EFL teachers in the Arabian Gulf area and gained very encouraging results in this field.  Thanks to the high determination of our trainers, we achieved unparalleled outcomes.  The success of our well designed practicum sessions enabled us to extend the contract on in-service trainees who needed an introduction to new curricula.  The educational reforms necessitated specially trained teachers to handle the new syllabi and implement new teaching approaches. 

Our self-development agenda started on the same year as a result of the incorporation of experienced trainers into our training center.  The market demand for self-improvement activities and knowledge were very high.  It really took us a long time to prepare the first few batches designated to various audience categories.  But, the results were encouraging.   What has always been on our side was our choice to be different.  Being different was an aspect of being innovative.  We took the concept of thinking outside the box as a guiding principle for the choice, naming, design and implementation of training programs. 

We have teams working on online training programs.  Online training employs the same principles ad onsite training; but, the practical side, the engagement and team work activities involve onsite training.  Although vocational training requires a larger practical component, some clients suggest using online or computer aided training.  In certain cases, online training proves to be successful and the training outcome is more than perfect.  Meanwhile, teacher training and technical training programs require face to face training with substantial practice and drilling, if needed. 

Self-development, management and soft skills training are widely needed all over the world.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua chose to make them a priority among the other kinds of training.  Management tools are very effective for business people.  They need wider skills training, which involves the integration of management tools, soft skills, IT how to do and personal development skills.  Soft skills are widely used among business, human resources and organizational leaders. 

Almiaad Training Center is a leading provider of effective training management all over the world.

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