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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Italian translation services

Italian translation services

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services provides professional Italian translation services for its clients all over the world. 

Italy is a European country on the northern part of the Mediterranean, with a very important historical and political influence on its neighbouring countries. 

Italy is a close country to the Arab World and its culture.   This country is on the passageway East to West.  It plays an important role in economic exchanges on both sides of the Mediterranean.  Its historical relationship with the Arab Islamic World has gone beyond rivalry to integrate into a kind of economic partnership.   

Italian translation services provided by Almiaad Lingua have taken into consideration the economic importance of Italy and its European and Mediterranean connections.

Italian is a Latin language.   It is taught in Italy as a first language, and in other countries, as a foreign language.  In fact, it is considered the fifth foreign language taught in the world.  The existence of large Italian speaking communities in Latin American countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay led to the emergence of Italian based pidgins and varieties.

Italian as a language, is spoken as a first language in Italy, The Vatican; and as a foreign language in countries like Croatia, Malta and Slovenia.  More than 60 million people speak Italian.  The Italian industry and cultural importance of Italy has made this language of a real economic importance.  Almiaad Lingua has taken this unique selling position into consideration.

Italian and the central European influence

Italy is at the heart of Europe’s political and economic circuit.   The very strategic position this country occupies is very important for its economic activities with Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  The openness it enjoys on the Mediterranean makes air and maritime transportation very rewarding at the economic level.  As a transit point, Italy benefits from its geographic position to become the hub for travelers and businessmen entering Europe.  These political, geographic and economic aspects have made Italian translation services at the heart of the business plans made by Almiaad Lingua.

Italian translations cover many European, Asian and African languages.  Italian into English and English into Italian are among the best working pairs at Almiaad Dubai and UK.  However, English to Italian, Italian to French, French to Italian and Italian to English, also German to Italian, Spanish to Italian, Italian to Arabic and Arabic to Italian are very significant pairs.

Italian translation services deal with the following fields of expertise: medical, engineering, human sciences, accounting / finance , agriculture, farming / gardening, animal, internet, IT, pharmaceuticals, politics, engineering, construction, automotive, architecture, journalism, research, market research, sports, telecommunications, transportation, veterinary, education, technology, machinery, management, chemicals, medical equipment, water engineering, food industry, health, natural sciences, NGO, business, software engineering, etc.

Countries where Almiaad Lingua for Translation Services operates: UK (London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales), France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Algeria, Libya, KSA (Ryadh), Qatar, Oman, UAE, Dubai, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, Austria, USA, Canada, Tunisia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc.

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