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Friday, March 14, 2014

Professional France French and Canadian French translations

Professional France French and Canadian French translations

Canadian French and France French are considered two different varieties which necessitate different native speaker translators.

French is a Romance language spoken as a first language in many European and non-European countries like: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, Canada Quebec and Ontario).   As a second language, it used in countries that include: Algeria, Mauritius, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Gabon.  It is also the official language in twenty eight countries.

The French colonial occupations reached America, South East Asia and the Caribbean.   Thus, French was introduced and learnt in these places.  France is still ambitious and believes the number of French speakers will reach five hundred million by 2025.  French speaking minorities exist in Italy and the UK as well.

In Canada, French is the second most spoken language.  In this country, both languages are official.  The regional classification assigns Quebec to French where more than seven million French speakers live.   They make the majority of the inhabitants of this province (about 96%).  Montreal, its capital city, is the fourth French speaking city in the world.  Large French speaking communities are also found in the north west and Ontario.  Meanwhile, this does not exclude the existence of small minorities of French speakers in the rest of the country.  All in all, nearly a third of the Canadian population speaks French. 

Although the difference between French of France and Canadian French are sometimes likened to that between British and American English, the case is different for French translators. However, Canadian French is sometimes used to designate the number of French varieties used in Canada.  These variesties include: Quebec French, Brayon French, New England French, Laurentian French, Acadian French and Metis French. 

The term Canadian French is usually used to refer to Quebec French.  Tourists often identify the difference between French from France and French in Quebec by the speaking accent.  Native speakers could easily spot out these differences.  Although mutual intelligibility is ensured, for the native speaker of one of them, following the other seems an embarrassing struggle. 

Idiomatic expressions have grown in two different ways on both sides of the Atlantic.  French Canadian idioms are rarely mutually understandable by French of France speakers.   The influence of English words is also another factor which made them different.  Canadian French lexical items are hugely influenced by English.   Canadians, for example, use ‘chien chaud’ for ‘hot dog’.  What a French France speaker uses as an equivalent of the verb ‘to cancel’ is normally ‘annuler’.  However, a Canadian French speaker says ‘canceller’. 

Almiaad Lingua has teams of French France and French Canadian translators working for different language pairs.  English to French France is very active because of the high demand, especially onsite and long-term provision contracts.  English into Canadian French translators working from our office in Canada ( and as freelancers translate legal, medical, document, scientific, technical, engineering and political texts. 

The most active French language pairs include: professional French to English, Professional English to French, German to French, Italian into French, French to Japanese, Canadian French to Chinese, Turkish to Canadian French, Arabic to French and Canadian French to Arabic.

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