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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Professional medical and financial translation services

Professional medical and financial translation services

Almiaad Lingua works with faithful clients of Arabic to English, English to Arabic, French into Arabic, Arabic into English, German English, Spanish to English, Swedish into English, Canadian French into American English, English into Canadian, Russian to English, English into Russian and English to Chinese professional translators.   

Medical translation services are the best way for new medical staff to understand the content of a medical report and follow up the case.   Patients need original reports or medical tests and analyses in a language different from that of the doctor’s/GP’s need the help of our professional translators in order to make the text with all its technical content readable to the user of a different language.

However, the need for medical translation goes beyond the dealing with reports.  The scientists, practitioners and researchers often need to disseminate their knowledge and research findings with speakers of other languages.  This requires the services of a professional translator.   Although the content is purely scientific, the translation has to be performed professionally and accurately.  Content writers often believe that more than seventy per cent of a scientific text is made up of non-linguistic scientific terms, equations and concepts.  Admitting that this statement is true does not mean that medical texts, for example, are read with the required accurateness and precision in any language.  Even thirty percent remains an important mass of words.  Ignoring them may change the superficially understood meanings

Medical conference interpreting is an example of why scientists need to understand each other through translation.  The same thing applies to the medical surveys and data gathering methods used in medical research.  Pharmaceutical research is also among the areas of medical translation services. 

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services offers the best professional translation of medical and financial documents

Financial translations are as sensitive and as important as medical translation services.  Financial translation should be accurate, authentic and context sensitive.  Some incidents of the catastrophic effects of some weak or inaccurate translations show the sensitivity of this content.  False indicators can create negative effects on the economy of a country or the business of a company.

Financial document translation includes different types of documents for different purposes.  Financial reports are often translated and used as indicators or documents for corporates.   As these documents witness for the financial performance of companies, they showcase this company’s economic policy and achievements.  Hence, the translation of such documents is very sensitive and requires a professional level of work. 

The translation of financial books and study materials are usually required for non- English speaking universities and colleges.  Newly starting departments and faculties often build their course plans and references on a broad translation project.  Some Arabic speaking tertiary institutions have asked Almiaad Lingua translation sector to translate some references that included books and scientific articles.  Daily translation of financial indexes and newspaper articles are in higher demand for financial reviews as well as for newspaper reports and articles.   

Almiaad Lingua employs professional Arabic, French, English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. to handle the translation of financial and medical files.



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