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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Professional Russian translation services, a promising business for Almiaad Lingua UK and Dubai teams.

Professional Russian translation services, a promising business for Almiaad Lingua UK and Dubai teams.

Russian is a Slavic language spoken by around 145 million people using it as a native language. It is spoken in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.   It is the 5th widely spoken language.  This Indo-European language is similar to Bulgarian and Slavic languages.
The importance of this language lies in the fact that it is used in about 95% of schools in Russia.  It is also taught in Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Tajikistan.  Russian is an official language of the UN and of NASA.  It is widely used on the internet

Almiaad Lingua is a UK based translation company, with offices and teams working online and onsite in 4 major regions: Europe (London, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain), Africa (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt), Middle East (Dubai, Muscat, Ryadh, KSA), and Moscow (Russia). 
Our professional translators providing Professional Russian translation services are highly qualified and experienced covering a large number of fields of expertise.  What makes our work unique is our determination to provide high quality service for a low cost with total respect of deadlines.  For this purpose we have insisted on the importance of quality assurance measures in all aspects of work. 
Almiaad Lingua Quality Assurance policy stresses the need to recruit exclusively high professional service providers with verifiable experience and professional track; be it for a full time onsite work in one of our offices or for freelance positions.  Almiaad Lingua HR teams are responsible for sorting out all demands, signing the availability agreement forms,  checking confidentiality regulations relevant to each type of task and following up with all the aspects of the recruitment.
Almiaad Lingua professional Russian translators perform translation and interpreting tasks within more than 30 language pairs, including the following ones: Russian into English, English to Russian, Arabic to Russian, Russian to Arabic, Russian to German, Russian to French, French to Russian, German to Russian, Russian to Turkish and Turkish into Russian.
Apart from oil related translations, we deal with many types of files of different kinds of content.  We usually translate Russian – related company profiles, legal agreements, scientific papers, books, academic documents, certificates, etc.
In the world of professional Russian translation services, the fact that this language is officially used by the following organization makes it an important language.  Translation industry makes use of the special status it enjoys.  Russian is considered an official language for: the International Mathematical Olympiad, the International Criminal Court, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, World Meteorological Organization, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, etc.
In the field of oil companies and literary work translation, Russian is also an important language.
For all these reasons, Almiaad Lingua decided to include Russian translation services in the priority list and made a plan to build up teams, contact potential customers and invest in the improvement of its Russian translation works.  The results have not only led us to improve our business, but also moved us to a new world with new business concepts and unexpected gains.

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