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Monday, March 3, 2014

The importance of professional French English translation services in Europe and the Middle East.

The importance of professional French English translation services in Europe and the Middle East.

Almiaad Lingua offers professional services in more than 120 language pairs, including those which have English, French and Arabic.  Although we operate at the global level using regional offices and local teams of professional translators and language service providers, our main clients are from Europe (France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, etc.), America (USA, Canada, Brazil), the Middle East (Oman, Dubai / the United Arab Emirates / Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabic, Bahrain).
The significance of French into English translation stems from the importance of these languages in the world economy and in the fields of culture and political issues.  Both languages are official languages of the United Nations.  The countries representing them are influential at the international level.
Meanwhile, in the world of trade and commerce, English and French are very important.  As a professional translator, you may know the large of translation jobs posted on international portals daily. More significant is the number of enquiries and contact us / free quote forms and emails received by Almiaad Lingua, as a professional translation company.  These emails and contact forms show the importance of these languages in the translation business.
English is widely perceived as the first Lingua Franca in the world of today.  The number of people who speak it amounts to a billion.  It is a dominant language in fields like: Computer Sciences, IT, academic publications, scientific research, business, politics, social sciences, medical research, media, entertainment, diplomacy, etc.  It is spoken in countries like: Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  German cannot compete with English in the number of the English speaking Nobel Prize laureates. 
English to French translation and French to English translation services are very important in legal translations.
French was widely known as the language of fine arts, literature and diplomatic etiquettes.  Although it is still widely used in places like ex colonies in Africa, the global interest in this language remains lass than it used to be. Albeit, such a situation is not due to the importance or linguistic weigh of this language.  It has to do with the phenomenal growth of English, which replaced many other European languages.
French and English are mutually intelligible.  English is a highly borrowing language which incorporated many French words.  The invasion of William the Conqueror (William of Normandy) was very significant in the history of the development of English, which emerged as a Germanic language.  Although English incorporated French words into its own phonological rules, the written forms remained the same in many cases.  In addition, loan words often represent diversions in meaning, les ‘faux amis’ (false friends).  Not all French words borrowed by English keep the same meaning.  The spelling is also different, sometimes.  English 600,000 words, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  However, Google, in a joint work with Harvard, have different estimations.  They think the number is more than 1 billion wordsFrench, on the other hand, is much lower.  The number of new English words encoded every year is estimated to be around 8,500.
Although Europe and the Middle East are the regions which need more English and French translation, the business of French to English translation is very significant in the world over.
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