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Sunday, March 16, 2014

What is professional translation? Who makes a professional translator?

What is professional translation?

Who makes a professional translator?

Almiaad Lingua for professional translation services, a professional translator and translation services provider, by excellence!

You often come across the label ‘professional translator’, ‘professional translation services’ and ‘professional Arabic/French/English/German/Italian/Russian/Japanese/Chinese etc. translator’.  However, only a few of us dare ask what this ‘professional’ term is there to mean.

For some people, this is only an advertising catch phrase.  People need to hear reassuring terms which tell about the quality of work to ensure the potential client this is good quality.  For some other, it means quality work and quality behaviour.

Professional translator and professional translation services should be used to designate the output of a work which respects quality assurance terms.  If the translation respects the norms of quality, it can be called professional.  Otherwise, the label loses its meaning and becomes a linguistic deception in the eyes of the clients. 

Although we do not have standardized quality assurance terms which can be generalized all over the world, we can still talk of quality assurance terms in the industry of translation and language services.  Despite the disagreement on the specific norms that make a translator professional and his/her translation work professional or not, there has always been a consensus on the best and professional translation quality.

We provide: Professional Arabic to English, French to English, German to Arabic, Japanese to English, German to English, English into Arabic, French to Arabic, English to French and Turkish to English translation and translators.

Almiaad Lingua has produced a quality assurance standard to define the terms of quality and share them with its clients and partners.  These terms outline the expectations and standard qualities as they have been agreed upon by translation institutes and certifying bodies.  The main aspects of Almiaad Lingua Quality assurance internal documents are:

Professional quality output

The aim of a translation task/project, being to render a text in a target required language, requires making a total linguistic transformation which results in a similar text in another language.  Despite the degree of agreement you might have with this definition, the whole work consists in transforming a text into a target language.  The new product should have two main characteristics: correctness in the target language and faithfulness in keeping the same meaning of the original text.

The main difference between translation and localization is that the latter goes one step further by adding a local flavour to the text.  This is used in opening up new projects in other countries or exporting a product or a service to another country with a new cultural setting. 

One important issue which is touch with the faithfulness and accurateness of translation has to do with the stylistic suitability.  Translated texts usually sound awkward and they can easily be spotted as resulting from a translation performance, rather than being produced in this target language.  This happens when the translator attempts to follow the same source text structure.  This seems quite strange for those who opt for translating word for word and text for text for the sake of faithfulness.  However, accurate and faithful translation should be a balance between meaning and text translation.  The creativity the translator has lies in the ability to make the style sound original while struggling to keep the meaning the same.

Professional code of conduct

  Professional code of conduct for translators means the respect of clients and their requirements.  Respect here entails the following of the agreement terms.  Fast turnaround and respect of deadlines also make other facets of the code of conduct.  Effective and respectful communications are also necessary tools for the professional code of conduct.  A professional translator also maintains good relations with his/her clients and respects their feedback or limited additional requirements.

Almiaad Lingua abides by the principles of its quality assurance terms in order to maintain its position as a provider of professional translation.

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