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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Almiaad Lingua provides authenticated, stamped, verified and certified translation services

Certified translation services

Almiaad Lingua provides authenticated, stamped, verified and certified translation services

For a number of reasons and functions, customers need our certified translation services.  Certified translation is an accreditation and endorsement that the translated document is authentic and identical to the original in another language.  This serves the purpose of a guarantee against any attempts to falsify the content or the document.  For the applicant, this means that the document is authentic.  For the destined official entity or organization, the certified translation of a document means reliability and authentication.  The latter has to do with the procedures of quality and work involved in the processing of applications.

Certified translation services are needed by a number of organizations and institutions for a number of defined purposes.  Embassies and consular services need seals of ‘certified and authentic’ on documents for the purpose of reliability.  In this case the authenticated and certified translator plays the role of a guarantee of authenticity and a witness for the reliability of the product document.  The level of precision is thus critical and unauthenticity affects credibility and reliability. Although embassies and consulates often rely on a list of translators in a particular country, certified translation of documents is not legally bound to the translation bodies they suggest.  Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services

Foreign universities require certified copies of original credentials and degree certificates in order to process the application for registration as a student or a job application.  The translation of the certificates in question necessitates standard samples and adequate styles.  The existence of models in the target language or country, for each certified translator, is not always possible.  For a translation company, this is a necessary tool.  The linguistic style and content should be understood in the target language community although the contexts differ a lot. 

Foreign companies often require certified translation services of financial and administrative documents.  Working with foreign companies sometimes involves providing proof of the activities and financial situation in their language with seal of authentication.  Doing business at the international level also means providing certified translation and signature of the memorandum of association.  

Tender documents are other types of examples where certified translation is needed.  Depending on the type of tender file, participating in tenders often needs documentation for the technical envelope. The provision of certified documents adds value to the authenticity of the bid. 

How does Almiaad Lingua provide certified translation services all over the world?

We work 24/7 to serve clients who are in urgent need for certified translation.  Once an urgent request is received, a dedicated team starts the work.  Often, the translation is done within a couple of hours if this is taken as a rush job.  If you can come to one of our offices, you can collect the work and pay on the spot.  Otherwise, the dispatch team can send the document in normal or rapid post depending on the urgency of the matter from the nearest post to the client.  In case you prefer using an electronic copy, the whole task takes a couple of hours and the whole job is done!

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