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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Document translation services, sworn, stamped,reliable translators and reasonable cost.

Document translation services, sworn, stamped,reliable translators and reasonable cost.

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services guarantees special handling of document translation, often two professional translators perform the checking, editing and proofreading after the checked translation is done. 

Our authenticated, stamped, sealed/signed and sworn translations are approved by and accepted in different types of applications all over the world.

Translation is in fact based on meeting clients’ needs for rendering a text into a target language.  In this task, the translator deals with document translation of different types.  The importance of this field of translation stems from the fact that its importance and large scope.

Document translation deals essentially with private documents presented in different kinds of applications.  Copies of passports, identity cards, school transcripts, medical certificates, etc. are used in immigration applications.  Registering in educational institutions in other countries requires the translation of documents. Establishing business deals with foreign countries also needs the translation of the company’s internal documents and its business files necessary to make transactions.   Participating in tenders sometimes requires the translation of financial statements, including the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet.  Other documents that show the legal situation of the tenderer, like the company registration forms and documents are required.

Thus the term ‘document translation’ refers to different types of files often having legal status and official use.  But, it also covers any written /typed sort of file which has personal or institutional aspect.  Hence, document translation requires more precision, accuracy and authenticity than any general translation documents.  The translator’s choice of words will certainly influence the use of the file, its objective and the efficiency of is role.

Almiaad Lingua considers document translation services of a predominant importance. That’s why we often give it double checking by two different professional translators. Our document translation services abide to our quality assurance policy starting from the choice of the translator and proofreaders/checkers/revisers.

Only translators working towards their native language and who have advanced level in the source language –though this is a general and basic requirement for the recruitment of our translators, either as full time onsite of freelancers- can handle document translation.  These experts, whose experience in translating documents of specific types corresponding to the file (s) in question has been proved through experience in our company can be assigned this type of jobs.

Document translation sector operates with clients from the UK (London, Leicester, Birmingham, Scotland, Ireland, etc.), Germany, France, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabic, Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.), Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Canada, USA, Sweden, etc.  we provide document translation nearly from any language to any language .

We have translators to handle documents from English to Arabic, Arabic to English, French to English, English to French, French to Arabic, Arabic to French, Russian to Arabic, Russian to English, English to Russian, Arabic to Russian, Canadian French to English, English to Canadian French, Swedish to English, English to Swedish, Italian to Arabic, Italian to English, German to English, German to French, etc.

Almiaad Lingua is a leading provider of translation services, including document translation.  We provide authenticated stamped translation of personal documents which can be submitted by rapid post or by email.  The translated document is sealed as a sworn translation as per the client’s request.

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