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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

French into English and English into French professional translators to be recruited for 2014

French into English and English into French professional translators to be recruited for 2014

Almiaad Lingua relies on a team of highly professional qualified and certified translators working with the language pairs English to French and French to English.  The call for candidates to send their applications online has been launched.  But, we need to clarify some points for those who are interested in joining our translation company.

Our Human Resources staff will need to make sure applications received for a first screening task show the basic requirements that have been defined in our quality assurance internal documents.  This screening stage needs to determine that the candidate has a basic translator profile.

This screening applies to English into French and French into English translators as well as to all the other pairs like English into Arabic, French to Arabic, Arabic to English and Arabic to French:

The basic translator profile is described by three essential factors: certification, knowledge and experience.  Certification is not only the university degree in translation, Linguistics or any other field of study.  It is the evidence provided by a professional institution to prove that the applicant has enough practical knowledge to perform translation tasks.  Knowledge about languages or complete fluency in one of them is not enough to decide whether a person can be employed as a translator or not.

Knowledge refers to the field of translation expertise.  A translator’s academic deep knowledge about chemistry is expressed by the degree certificate this person receives after a course taken at an academic institution. Translators working in some specific fields of expertise should present enough evidence that their knowledge is good enough to enable them to perform translation tasks within these fields.

Experience verification is essential in order to decide on the way the translator professionally handles translation tasks.  A proven experience usually provides an assessment of the translator’s performance in other working circumstances.  This gives an idea about the candidate’s perseverance, team work ability, cooperation with clients and project managers.

French into English and English into French professional translators are needed by Almiaad Lingua at this stage because of the increasing demand on these two pairs.  Medical, business, legal and technical translation jobs to be translated into English or French are increasing in number and cope.  The high demand for our translation services has made us more insistent on quality and respect of deadlines.

Among the criteria we have set for recruiting English and French translators is the native speaker fluency level.  Native speaker by birth is not enough.  Only educated and fluent native speakers are considered.  Under no circumstance should our human resources teams accept applications from non-native speakers or from native speakers whose education level is low. 

English into French and French into English professional translators should exhibit an acceptable level of knowledge about translation managers and essential software.  In addition to their knowledge about the use of modern technology and communication devices, translators should know TMs like Wordfast, SDLX, Trados, Déjà vu, etc.  these tools not only facilitate work, but also ensure consistent terminology and better productivity. 

English to French and French to English translators needed by Almiaad Lingua have to present a preliminary application using the ‘join our team’ form on our website:

All the necessary credentials and degree certificates can be uploaded or sent in separate emails to:

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