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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Professional Arabic translation services in the UK

Professional Arabic translation services in the UK

Almiaad Lingua, UK

Almiaad Lingua is a registered leading provider of translation and language services in England and wales, UK.  Its main office is in Leicester.  Although it has many offices and teams around the world and its online service provision serves clients nearly from all the countries of the world, its main activity remains on the UK soil.

In the UK, translation industry accounts for more than 60 billion GBP of turnover.  This figure, though not very accurate, represents the importance professional translation activities in the UK and the global economies.  Scotland and Ireland alone represent high levels of demand and the public sector need for translation is increasingly higher than countries like Spain and Sweden.   Almiaad Lingua has got a local office in London and another for international business activities in Leicester.  However we deal with clients from many parts of the UK.  Our ongoing projects with Study Group in Brighton are among the best successful projects of website translation and educational document localisation.  Exporters and business dealers from Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, New Castel upon Tyne, etc. are interested in enlarging their business cooperation with us.  
Almiaad Lingua in Dubai and the Middle East:

Almiaad Lingua considers Arabic translation services among the most important sectors and significant sources of business and income for its business.  This was the language of our starting steps as providers of translation services.  Also, Arabic is a very significant language for international business and communication needs.

English into Arabic is very important translation pair.  This essentially reflects the need for English files and the necessity of getting English files rendered into Arabic for getting a larger leadership. Also, international organisations often need to get their messages, leaflets and reference documents published in Arabic.  Arabic speakers who have business at the international level will definitely need to have their legal and business documents and files translated into Arabic for a better understanding.  Within this language pair, medical reports, books, school / college files, personal documents and scientific reports as well as political and social articles are often among the types of English to Arabic translated texts in our company. 

Arabic to English translations, on the other hand, are more varied and in much higher demand. Almiaad Lingua receives requests to translate political and economic texts on the first place.  Also, we deal with the translation of personal documents, marriage certificates, divorce acts, birth certificates, immigration applications, CVs, IDs, passports, driving licences, study abroad applications, police reports, manuscripts, wills of inheritance, etc.

French into Arabic, German to Arabic, Spanish to Arabic, Canadian French to Arabic, Swedish to Arabic and Italian to Arabic are among the widely needed translation pairs by our teams in the UK.  All in all, the ‘into Arabic’ professional translation jobs have increased this year by the introduction of new pairs.  This was not made possible without the recruitment of new freelance and onsite full time professional translators.

Apart from its professional into Arabic translation services, Almiaad Lingua provides VIP accompaniment and business meeting interpreting for important clients.  The services of our trip professional translators and interpreters are also needed by Arabic speaking visitors to London in the summer season.  For this purpose, we urge clients to book the required service from now by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ form on  or send us an email:

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