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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Professional German translation services

Professional German translation services

Why is German translation more important in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russian and USA?

Almiaad Lingua considers professional German translation important services an important source of business a significant field of investment.

The fact that in English speaking countries themselves, German is the most widely taught language in universities, schools and private language institutes. More than one hundred million people in Europe speak German as a first language, that’s about 15% of the population of Europe.  Russian is the first widely spoken language, then comes German, after it there is French.

The position of Germany in the European Union has given this language a special position.  It is in the heart of European economy.  Its position in the economic road to Russia, the UK, Sweden, Norwegian,  Amsterdam, France and Turkey.  The geopolitical position of this country has given the language a special role.

It was only the position, but also the economic weight and the pride of its automobile industry.  Germany is an industrial country where the industry has not been given up as an economic choice of success.  The automobile industry, the pride of the Germans, has been booming while other competitors in other countries felt the dark days of recession.  Times of booming for machinery production has never been over for the German made brand names.

This situation has its impact on the political and global situations.  Germany is an active member of the European Union who has a say in the institutions’ political positions.  It has also extended its strong relations and influential role to countries outside the European scope.   The German presence is felt in many parts of the world as a reliable partner.

For all these reasons, professional German translation services have been important in the translation industry.  Almiaad Lingua has set up a German translation department which, not only deals with the daily demands for German translation jobs, but also studies the market, seeks further possibilities of reaching more market which need this language and analyses the market tendencies.

Almiaad Lingua has increased the German related language pairs by recruiting more freelancers for new and existing pairs.  Russian into German and German into Russian pairs have been taken care of the last few years.  Our plan in 2014 was to work on the Arabic into German and German to Arabic pairs by looking for professional German translators who can handle different industries, including life science, health, economy and politics.   The use of Swedish into German translations is increasingly getting more important.  The fact that the two languages are mutually understandable, for some people, makes their translation market quite limited. 

Conference interpreting occasion which include German are very well in the Arabian Gulf countries. Persian into German, for example, is very well sought these days.  However, French to German and German to French are in higher demand in conferences and business meetings. Arabic and German interpreting often requires VIP interpreting, accompanying in business trips and negotiations.

Professional German interpreting and translation services provided by Almiaad Lingua ensure high quality output, respect of deadlines and the following of ethical procedures.

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