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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Almiaad Lingua expands its French to English translation team by recruiting more professional translators

Almiaad Lingua expands its French to English translation team by recruiting more professional translators

Almiaad Lingua has worked hard, with the precious help of its professional translators, to improve the quality of its work out put and grow the list and value of its clients.  This success was the product of a tedious job where perseverance was the driving force which helped us maintain a high standard for the services offered and the degree of determination we have always expressed.

The high standard Almiaad Lingua team has achieved has resulted in the growth of the number and the volume of work.  More clients are requesting French to English translation jobs and more files have to be processed.  All this means that we have to maintain the high quality standards our clients have been used to getting from us.

Persevering on this high track and maintaining the same level and quality of work requires observing three main things: The application of higher standards in the process of file handling, the training of project and section managers whose experience in quality improvement is unparalleled and the recruitment of more translators to meet the growing needs.

Almiaad Lingua has opted for the recruitment of more French to English translators for its translation needs.  This decision comes in agreement with the main recruitment policy we have adopted in the Quality Assurance documents.  It states that recruitments are either in response to a high demand or an expected increase in the volume of work.  However, this has to be steady and remarkable or expectable for a long period and for a remarkable financial value.  This mainly indicates that we do not have to recruit translators for a limited time or for jobs that do not cover for the cost of the recruitment, training and payments.

The potential value of the French to English translation leads; both economically and professionally are believed to increase with the contracts we have signed in 2014.  Although the volume of work is not confirmed by the clients so as not to make it binding for them, we expect the regular leads alone to exceed 600 000 words per month. The volume of temporary clients work and those who pop in our offices for irregular translation jobs is much higher, but open to market fluctuations.

Regardless of the influence of the latter, the volume of the former requires more professional translators to deal with the increasing volume.  This puts us in the situation of improving the quality our recruitment standards according to the changing market demands.

The most important criteria for the selection of candidates to work in the French to English translation section at Almiaad Lingua are:

ü The availability of a university degree from a recognized Western university.  This should not be below the level of a BA.

ü A verified Full Time work experience of not less than three years in a reputable translation agency working in and English or French speaking country.  The volume of work performed should not be less than 500 000 words.

ü A demonstrated knowledge of TM (Wodfast, SDLX, TRados, 2011, etc.) and widely used software.

ü The respect of our work and confidentiality policies.


For more details about our French to English translation recruitment policy, please contact us or fill in the JOIN OUR TEAM form in case you are interested.



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