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Friday, May 23, 2014

Best voice over artist provided by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services.

You need the services of the best voice over artist ?   There is a brand name you can rely on: Almiaad Lingua!   Voice over services are used for a large number of purposes.  Many companies need an artistic voice recorded for their answer machines and operators. Other companies put audio files on their websites to introduce visitors to their products / services.  For media companies, voice over work is part of artistic tasks. 

For educational purposes, the recording of learning materials is a useful way of enabling more people to make use of it.   Also, in online training, voice over productions facilitate the broadcasting of training materials and the implementation of skills. In addition, for marketing purposes, a voice over artist is needed to convey the advertised content and give the message full meaning.  For all these purposes and many others customized to meet the client’s needs, Almiaad Lingua provides the best voice over artist for a growing market.  More clients from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK, Libya, Kuwait, Germany, Switzerland, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Spain, France, Japan, USA, Canada, etc. rely on the quality of our services.

For a tailored and customized production, all that you need to do is to send us an email, a quote request or a contact us form with a detailed explanation of the content of what you exactly need.  Our team will study the requirements and will inform you about the cost and time needed for the execution of the task.  You can ask for a short sample so that to make sure that the voice over work is on the right track and that your requests will be met.  Once the voice qualities have been chosen, remain assured that your task is being professionally dealt with by the best voice over artist.

For audio books, we have a team of experts who have had long a time recording books for different purposes. As producers of the best voice over artist production, Almiaad Lingua boasts of an increasing number of clients from all continents.  Our team in Dubai has been dealing with clients from many industries.  Media companies trust the quality of our work and the expertise of our artists. Corporates working for clients and cooperating with companies from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds need to introduce their products and features of their brands in a voice file that they choose to put on their websites or in the media. 

Almiaad Lingua has the necessary experience and capacity to produce the best voice over artist work for radio and TV broadcasting.  We help radio stations which need registered programs and ready to put on air commentaries and readings of special passages.  For documentaries, we provide the translation of the original script and recording in a target language.  dubbing and lip synchronization are also performed by our experts, artists, technicians and sound engineers.

For all your voice over and dubbing needs, please call us:

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