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Friday, May 9, 2014

Conference interpreting /interpretation services provided by Almiaad Lingua

Conference interpreting (interpretation) services from Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services

Conference interpreting is one of the most valuable services provided by Almiaad Lingua at the global level.  We value the professional requirements of the events of our clients.  We offer conference for a large number and types of events and occasions.


Educational conferences organised by colleges, universities and educational authorities are occasions of knowledge dissemination and experience sharing where specialists and educational practitioners from different countries and educational backgrounds meet.  They often speak different languages, hence, mutual understanding is not always ensured.  We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting through a body of specialists in field of expertise.  Major international conference events and management meetings are occasions where multi-tongue is used.

Scientific conferences organised by professional, academic and official organisation and institutions are occasions where scientific knowledge is the only area the attendants share.  People from different countries and linguistic backgrounds meet to discuss special issues and serious matters.  The language barrier is very important.  That is why conference interpreting services are crucial for the success of the event.

International meetings gather notables, VIPs, dignitaries and celebrities from different origins.  The role of our professional conference interpreters is to render the message in the target language accurately and authentically with the required scientific precision required. The purpose is, of course, to faithfully enable the listener get the original message with the exact meaning intended in the target language.

Conference interpreting (interpretation) services can be either simultaneous or consecutive.  Simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreter, usually working from the booth, to talk simultaneously and follow the speaker.  Consecutive interpreting is done when the speaker allows some time for the interpreter to render the chunk of the original message into the target language.  The former, of course, requires more efforts and concentration.  That’s why the cost is not usually the same.

Regarding our rates and conference interpreting cost, we usually opt for very competitive rate per day, taking into consideration the high cost professional conference interpreters request.  Our percentage of interest is low, compared to the costs and preparations required. 

The profile of a conference interpreter MUST include the following requirements:

1-     University degree, not less than a BA in a special field of expertise.

2-     Demonstrated and confirmed previous experience of no less than three years of Full Time experience in a conference interpreting provider or a professional organization.

3-     Knowledge about the handling of conference interpreting equipment.

4-     Previous experience interpreting for the specific subject matter of the conference in question.

5-     Demonstrated high language fluency in the source language.

6-     Interpreting for their native languages or, in very rare and special cases where it is doomed necessary, the senior project manager can assign the task to an experienced interpreter who has a native-like language fluency in the target language, with an MA degree and previous experience of no less than 5 years in the field.

7-     Punctuality and respect of deadlines and dedication to the task even when extra working hours are assigned. 

For all your conference interpreting (interpretation) needs, please contact us by email or call +447747769820 for urgent requests.

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