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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Professional conference interpreting (interpretation)


Almiaad Lingua is a leading provider of professional conference interpreting (interpretation) services in Dubai, UK, London, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc.

Interpreting is the act of spontaneous rendering of a source spoken message into a target language.  The facts that it takes more efforts and does not leave room for checking, verification or use of dictionaries and glossaries are not the only factors that differentiate it from translation.  Interpreting requires more attention and training.  It also involves the use of equipment to facilitate the task.  Interpreting from the boot, for example, requires familiarity with the handling of its equipment.

Interpreting for conference is usually referred to as simultaneous interpreting.  Professional conference interpreting (interpretation) requires knowledge of the topic subject matter and self-training on the use of basic terminology and concepts.  Documents referring to the topic and presenters’ files are often part of the preparation and familiarization documents handed to the booked interpreter well in advance of the event.

The recruitment of professional interpreters is different from the procedure involved in other types of interpreting.  The profound and extensive experience criterion is very crucial.  Almiaad Lingua undertakes to accept only those who have done this job several times over a period of five years with verifiable and professional companies/ agencies.  Familiarity with the booth materials is very important.  Although makes and marks may differ, the basic switches and buttons are easy to manipulate.  For a provider of professional interpreting (interpretation), making sure that the recruited interpreter knows how to manipulate the equipment is a major factor to ensure that the event is smoothly handled.

The educational and academic backgrounds of the interpreter represent important factors for assigning particular interpreters for specific tasks.  The safest way is to classify the interpreters’ fields of expertise according tootheir educational backgrounds.  Those who have a university degree in medical sciences are likely to do well in a medical conference interpreting.  But, an interpreter with a literary studies background is not expected to handle a conference interpreting in the field of biology.  However, some highly professional and experienced interpreters can handle subjects other than the ones they are specialised in.  This is thanks to their exceptionally knowledgeable characters and their long experience in the field.  Meanwhile, professional conference interpreting (interpretation) is a skill, and not only theoretical knowledge. 

The language pairs handled by Almiaad Lingua as a provider of professional conference interpreting (interpretation) services are very varied: English to Arabic, Arabic to English, English to French, French to English, German to Arabic, Arabic to German, Russian to Arabic, Arabic to Russian, Japanese to English, English to Japanese, Italian to French, French to Italian, French to Arabic, Arabic to French, Russian to English and English to Russian, etc. are among the widely used language pairs. 

Our teams in all the continents are able to relocate and easily move the staff and equipment to meet the needs of the clients even within a short notice.  The cost is very competitive.  We advise our clients to give us complete details in their quote requests or the emails asking about the availability of our interpreting services.   






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