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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Professional Russian translation services, a long tradition and market experience!

Russian translations have a remarkable share in the global translation market.  The profession’s business market is becoming very important regardless of the competition level which growing fiercer.  For us, the importance of translation within the Russian related language pairs stem from the fact that we have established business contact, most of which are more than a decade old with companies and institutions which have been keeping our teams busy with constant work for many years.   Hence, professional Russian translation services constitute a largely growing and very important source of income and business share.

So, our policy is to keep this sector growing and to restructure its teams and project management so as to make the work more effective.  Besides, the recruitment of more professional translators is very important.  There is a growing need which has been reported since that last semester of 2013 in the leads coming from some Russian related language pairs.   These pairs include: Russian to French, French to Russian, Russian to German, Russian to Arabic, Arabic to Russian and German to Russian.  The improvement in the performance of these language pairs add up to the status of professional Russian translation services at Almiaad Lingua.

The main fields of expertise which have been in high demand these last few years are: medical, document, business, military, education, financial, technical, manual translations.  However, petroleum companies which need our professional Russian translation services, either those operating in Russia or those originating from Russian speaking countries have expressed higher interest in engineering and technical projects.   The importance of the work with petroleum companies is related to the high volume of work they send us under contracts of fixed terms.

Since the quality assurance terms developed by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services Ltd do not allow us to outsource translation work just to meet short deadlines, we have opted for the employment of freelancers.   Freelancers who provide professional Russian translation services are not easy to select.  Although we receive applications and interest in joining our teams from people operating with Russian related language pairs, our policy is to be firm with our basic requirements.

Those who think of joining our full time and freelance teams as providers of professional Russian translation services have to make sure they meet the following terms and requirements:

·        Minimum university degree from a recognised university in a field of specialisation that is relevant to the fields of expertise we usually need.

·        Experience with a translation agency / company that is not less than 5 years.  The reference should be able to indicate the period spend as FULL TIME and the volume of performed within this period.

·        Familiarity with translation managers.  The candidate should be licensed in at least one widely used TM.

·        Those who do not meet ONE of the above requirements can be accepted for an internship period of 3-6 months.  This applies to the language pairs where there is a scarcity of translators.

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