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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The profile of professional French English translation provider in a changing business

The translation business has been widely affected by the rapid pace and the ever changing world after the great boom in electronic commerce and telecommunications revolution.  The first wave of changes brought about some hopes and achievements which made the professional translators’ exposure more internationalized.  This was regarded as a great achievement as it resulted in more business and more clients for professional French English translation.  In addition to the global profile exposure advantage, the new electronic and telecommunications revolution was at the origin of the development of new software that improved the quality of work and speeded up the handling of tasks.  Translation Mangers, for example, are useful tools for speeding up work and keeping the same terminology.  They even enable translators to build up glossaries for future tasks.  Also, the use machine translations can facilitate the work of some translators, especially when working within related language pairs.

However, the advent of technology was not always bliss.  The use of the internet to advertise skills and expertise represented a good occasion for many people to present themselves as professional translators.  Anybody can claim anything on the internet.  A non-native speaker of English can pretend to be a provider of professional French English translation, with English as the mother tongue.  People can sketch misleading profiles and flatter themselves with all sorts of credentials.   

As a result, the ground has become more crowded than before.  Competition is now stronger than ever.   The good and professional French English translation  provider’s profile is usually hindered by the thousands and thousands of amateurs whose expertise usually lies in the copy and paste expertise.   Also, the outsourcing issue has made the situation even worse.   People pretend to be functioning as full time translators whereas in reality they are doing a double job, and they barely have time after a long working day, for the translation task they undertake.

Hence, the profile of a professional French English translation expert has become unable to impose itself in this strange market.  The result is that the client gets lost in his/ her way to finding a reliable translator, while the translator’s profile doesn’t show up in any kind of search, regardless of the expertise and experience s/he has gained.   The fierce competition and the availability of resources for some people have made the competitive market unfair.   

Almiaad Lingua has made the profile of a professional translator more realistic and the competition among its providers fair.  We made our recruitment policy part of our quality assurance norms.  For us, professional French English translation is very important and its handling requires special expertise. Thus, the recruitment of translators to work with Almiaad Lingua is, after all, a matter of maintaining high quality norms.  In addition, our classification of the team members is based on the importance of the profiles.  Priority is given to experience and expertise, but work allocation is decided upon the requirements of the task and the credentials corresponding to it.  It is true that full time translators take more regular work than freelancers.  But, if the freelancer’s profile is more suitable to a particular translation project or to its field of expertise, the expertise factor has priority.

At Almiaad Lingua, we build up more realistic profiles and know how to much expertise with each task requirements.

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