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Saturday, June 21, 2014

English Arabic Translator Day we value clients’ evaluation

Almiaad Lingua opens up the English Arabic Translator Day on 30 June in Dubai, Jeddah, London and Kuwait.  This occasion is a good opportunity to assess the work of full time and freelance translators and honour the most professional ones.  Based on the results, Almiaad Lingua employs this evaluation to organise its staff and classify the competencies and project management teams.  This tradition was put into practice since our Arabic translations work showed very significant business outcome in the market.  The effects are at the quality and motivation levels.  The improvement of staff motivation for work and the quality of translation output has improved.  

The English Arabic Translator Day was first introduced by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services, Ltd around a decade ago as an attempt to evaluate the performance of teams and individual translators in Dubai (UAE) and the surrounding Arabian Gulf countries: Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.  The aim was to classify professional translators, based on their performance and on clients’ satisfaction.  The method employed a multi-tool evaluation scheme based on clients’ feedback surveys after each task is performed, a grading form used by project managers and the number and nature of tasks performed.

Clients’ evaluation forms help assess the level of satisfaction each translator receives from the clients during and after the performance of the assigned translation tasks.  The evaluation made by clients helps us determine the level of cooperation the translator shows if s/he happens to be in direct contact with them.  The client also assesses the degree of work perfection.  The customer is in a better position to know about the quality of work.  Since we also value cooperation with the client, we assess the level of cooperation of the professional translator through the client’s or project manager’s feedback form.

The project manager is also assessed based on cooperation and coordination capabilities.  The clients report on the timely cooperation of the project managers who are in charge of their projects.  The respect of deadlines, the choice of the best suitable translators the checking of the work before final submission and the effective coordination are the main elements of evaluation for this category of staff.  However, more importantly, we evaluate the professional manners of communication with clients.  The English Arabic Translator Day is an occasion for us to evaluate the performance and professional manners of translators and translation managers. 

However, this opportunity is not only for evaluation of performance.   Each year, Almiaad Lingua chooses to promote certain activities which help improve the professional performance of its teams.  Among these activities we highly value, there is training.  Our Arabic translation staff receives extensive training in the use of translation managers and computer assisted translations.  Almiaad Lingua chooses the English Arabic translator whose performance has been judged to be promoting, but need to develop knowledge about translation managers.  Even though this is costly and less rewarding for freelance translators who work with us only occasionally, its effects on the motivation of the translators is eminent.   


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