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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Professional Chinese translation week at Almiaad Lingua

Almiaad Lingua for translation and Language Services, Ltd is organizing a Chinese Translation Week for the promotion of this language related translation services in the last week of June 2014.  This tradition has been operating since 2003 as a promotion of professional Chinese translation and language services provided by Almiaad Company.  The inauguration of this week is going to take place in three main offices. 

Almiaad Lingua office is organising the event in its main offices in the UK: London & Leicester.  Our Leicester office inaugurates the event by inviting some of our loyal clients and partners in the market.  The Chinese market operators in the region will present the importance of available business opportunities in translation and language services.  Some Chinese businessmen/ businesswomen who have used our translation, conference /meeting interpreting / interpretation services to inter other markets in the UK, France, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, Qatar,, Turkey, Libya and Bahrain will also give talks about the significance Almiaad Lingua has played as a provider of professional Chinese translation services.

Almiaad Lingua London Office is also presenting similar activities in its professional Chinese event, with an exceptional focus on the introduction of the Chinese culture and language to the audience.  Some dignitaries and business operators, as well as clients from the training and education backgrounds will talk about their experience with Almiaad Lingua.  A workshop is going to be organised on the learning of basic Chinese expressions of every day conversation.  Those who are invited for the event can learn how to say and write these expressions in English.  A basic introduction to the Chinese alphabet and writing system will also be provided. 

In Dubai, the inauguration of the professional Chinese translation week will take place in our main office.  Among the planned events, a discussion will be organised with Chinese clients operating as business entities in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabic, Dubai and the other states of the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Rais Alkhaimah).  Some of our loyal clients will report on the main clients will evaluate their experience with Almiaad Lingua and present how we can improve their experience with us.  Also, a display of the main activities, services and products they offer will be in display for the visitors.  Dr Ian Fiona, from Almiaad Lingua, will give a talk to present the improvement of the Chinese translation and language services offered by Almiaad Lingua.  This will also introduce the main challenges and business opportunities which have to do with Chinese.  The suggestions to improve the performance of our team in Dubai, the Middle East area, North Africa and East Asia will be discussed with regular clients and prominent figures from diplomacy and the academia.

The organisation of such events is an occasion for us to listen to our customers and take suggestions from various people operating in the market.  It is also an opportunity to promote our new services and business ideas.  This year, the importance of the Professional Chinese translation Week organised by Almiaad Lingua lies in our plan to open a regional office in Beijing.  This event, among others, will help our company gauge the feasibility and potential success of this endeavour.


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