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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Professional English Arabic Translations

The innovative philosophy of globalization suggested by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services gives more importance to local teams and markets.  For us globalization is only one aspect of localization.  This localized view presents more opportunities for successful business operations at the international level.   Professional English Arabic translations are one example of how localized business contributes to the globalization.

Professional English Arabic translations are needed worldwide and their importance is growing rapidly with businesses operating with Middle Eastern countries.  Arabic is an official language of the United Nations organizations.  However, the need for the translation of documents within this language pair is still needed.  Arabic speakers also need texts and personal documents to be translated from English.  In the growing globalization process, business operators have noticed the necessity to operate locally while maintaining a global profile.

Translators working within the professional English Arabic translations know the significance of the global need for this language pair.  Nearly in every country, the need to translate documents and files into Arabic is increasingly important.  Even in places where neither English nor Arabic is used, individuals, business entities and authority representatives often need this pair.   Meanwhile, translators, before clients, are aware that every country has its own Arabic terminology been growing and style.  Not all Arabic speakers share the same words and expressions.  Also, reaching a client through his/her native language requires using aspects of locality.  Business jargons differ from one country or region to another, even inside the locality where the same language is used by more than one group.  Almiaad Lingua is aware of this jargon specific issue.

Almiaad Lingua has been working in the field of professional English Arabic translations for decades now.  Through this long experience, we have learned that being localized in business manners and translation language and style.  The efforts we have made to increase clients’ awareness of this business necessity has made us unique in the translation business.  In countries like UAE (Dubai, in particular), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, Gulf Arabian people speak nearly the same language.  But, providing translation services for global clients requires an understanding of the clients’ purpose and scope of the use of the task as well as knowledge of the target audience.

People from European countries expect a standardized version of Arabic.  However, they sometimes require regional versions.  Clients from Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Italy, Ireland Scotland, England and Russia usually know the difference between standard Arabic and regional dialects.  When they evoke regional varieties of Arabic, they do not mean dialects.  Saudi Arabic usually refers to a standardized variety of Arabic which is better understood in Saudi Arabia.  Also, UAE / Dubai Arabic is not the everyday language spoken by Emiratis.  It is rather the Standard Arabic employed officially in this country. This is one aspect of how professional English Arabic translations are localized.  One more aspect is reaching the clientele by employing the localized business idea.  What is more significant than thinking outside the box?


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