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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Professional German translation services: reference rates and important discounts

For the next few months, Almiaad Lingua will start a new program to promote professional German translation services at the global level.  This plan will help enforce our global presence and help improve our sales and business leads within the language pairs related to German.  At Almiaad Lingua, this step is an integral part of the annual business plan and part of the targeted goals for this term.  Hence, the main two aspects of the plan include the lowering of rates and the inclusion of important discounts.  These two measures aim at reaching more clients and improving our competition at the international market.  Meanwhile, this decision is expected to help us preserve our actual clients who have already tested the professional services we provide.

The list of reference rates for professional German translation services, calculated based on the most competitive rates provided by local and global competitors.  The major characteristic is that we propose highly competitive rates and very low costs for clients in return of unparalleled professional manners and quality measures combined with professional translation output.  In fact, this equation is very difficult to achieve.  The provision of very competitive rates is not an easy task.  There are competitors who can lower rates to the extent that no individual translator can go down.  Offering rates as low as USD 0.01 per source word is really an unbeatable offer which makes clients unable to refuse.  If there are providers who can offer such low rates, why does the client have to go for higher costs?  What clients usually do is to send quote requests for a number of providers.  Then, they study the offers suggested and go for the best one.  Since they cannot see the quality of work or assess the level of proficiency of each supplier, the client remains with the cost criteria alone. 

In professional German translation services, If the rate is the sole criteria to decide on the choice of a supplier, unprofessional translators and intruders find it easy to get established.  This does not only harm professional providers, but also has a detrimental effect on the profession as a whole.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua has combined the two elements of high quality and low cost using the criteria of quantity.   Since we have a high input of translation requests, we can keep our translators busy and lower rates.  The second thing is that we add important discounts to the already lowered rates.

The idea of discounts in based on sharing the low percentage of benefit with the client so that encourage them to continue working with us.  The calculation is based on the number of words / pages the document has, the expected net profit and the loyalty of the client.  However, even first time clients are eligible for discounts if the volume of work presented is high.  In addition to this scheme, there are also usual discounts which apply for professional German translation services, in case the client is more interested in the gist of the message and does not require proofreading.  The translation of website contents and personal letters, for example, is of a general type where discounts can go down to 50%.

For all your professional German translation services, we suggest that you choose the combination of high quality with reasonable rates, instead of choosing the lowest rate as the only criterion.  It is easier for the unprofessional to lower rates, but it is very difficult for them to satisfy quality requirements and provide professional services.   Besides, the choice of companies which follow quality standards adds to the quality of services and the status of the profession.



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