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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Professional French English translation

Almiaad Lingua has been providing professional French English translation services as one of its main activities since the last decade.  As a major translation pair working at the international language, it is in high demand in nearly all corners of the world.  The importance of this translation pair is that it has a high demand and a wide widespread in many countries.  The large team of professionals working within these two languages is also an important factor for our success in the translation works carried out by the corresponding team.  However, there is a strong need to expand geographically and reach a wider clientele, especially in Russia, UAE (Dubai), Qatar, UK (Ireland, London), Canada and Switzerland.

The team of professional translators ensuring the work of professional French English translation work flow is composed of the most professional people in the market, some of them are onsite / office full time translators.  Others work as freelancers from home.  We have also opted for the recruitment of full time working from home who are engaged to work with Almiaad Lingua without necessarily having to come to our offices.    This method is useful especially when there is a continuous flow of work for the whole year from a contract or an expected work of an existing lead. 

The fields of expertise of the actual work with the professional French English translation pair are usually legal, technical and medical.  Other fields like oil, engineering are also widely sought in countries like: France, Spain, USA and Canada.  The importance of legal and contract translations appears in Middle Eastern and African countries.  Agreements between companies and in the real assets field sometimes necessitate the translation of the document from French into English.   Also, business meetings require an interpreter to facilitate negotiations between French and English speakers who do not share a common language. 

In Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, and China corporates and diplomatic missions often make recourse to translation companies to meet their growing needs for professional French English translation.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua has established local teams of translators and conference interpreters since the emergence of need for these services there.  Even in countries where local people have less interest in translation services, there are international companies and institutions which require the expertise of professional translators.  Meanwhile, in countries like Japan and Canada, the French English translation needs arise at times when there are business deals which involve French and English speaking company managers or others using English as a lingua franca.

The fact that Almiaad Lingua combines its global operations with meeting local needs makes the business plans we operate under significantly in accordance with the main business trends in this post-globalism era.  We consider Professional French English translation a local business need open to global exploitation with local task performance.  Hence, our corporate structure is based on this combination between local and global ideas.  Thus, our teams and internal management teams use the local work force to meet the local needs as addressed by the global coordinating committee. 




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