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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Voice over services, some practical guidelines

Voice over services are the product of the work of professional artists whose talents and work experience have been employed in media and business advertising sectors, in particular.  The power of the message as articulated by the artist becomes very effective in persuasion, training, education, advertisements and art works.  Although our artists know the importance of following the practical guidelines of voice over products, we still need to emphasize the importance of adding the following items to their checklist.

1-      Practically speaking, the avoidance of stressed sections and words in voice over services production is important because it makes the speech natural and its perception by the listener more welcomed.  The effects of a naturally produced narration are more than those of unnatural speeches where unnecessary emphases are recurrently made.  Over stressing usually gives a strange impression and a welcomed effect for the message.  In English stress seems more regular and systematic, following patterns of word stress, meaningful word stress and intonation.  However, in languages like Arabic stress is less likely to be synchronized.  We seem to stress parts of speech based on our intention to make some parts more important than others.   

2-      Artist should also observe the stops made to raise interest.  These dramatic effects used in plays and cinema productions serve different purposes.  In voice over products, stopping may make the listeners doubt the effectiveness of their audio devices.  In addition, the effects stops and planned hesitations play in audio video products are different from those tried on audio products.  The interconnections between strings of meaning associated with the narrated text chunks usually function as acoustic image building devices for listeners.  The imagination of the listeners helps in building images which reflect their understanding.  However, when the text narration stops, the string of narration built through images is cut off.  For a better narration of texts, only short breaks are sometimes useful in the production of narration voice over services.

3-      Artists who drink milk should reduce this in the days when they have voice over services production. The effects milk has on the throat can reduce the clarity of the voice and make it drier than usual.  Heavy smokers also have problems of voice harshness when they record.  Although taking milk can be controlled, especially when the artist wants to record, the consumption of tobacco is difficult to quit.  Even the reduction of its use cannot easily change the quality of the voice to its original status.  It is true that some tasks of voice production require such strange qualities.  But, this is unusual and does not provide continuous and better opportunities for those who rely on voice over as a source income and professional activity should not risk destroying their careers in return for the desire to consume substances like tobacco.

For all your needs for voice over services, you are welcome to contact any of our offices for more details about our work processes, prices and quality measures.  We have teams of artists whose expertise cover all your needs, either as individuals, corporates or media companies.  For more details, send your enquiries to:


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