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Monday, September 1, 2014

Certified Arabic translation services from Almiaad Lingua

Almiaad Lingua offers the best and most professional certified Arabic translation services through a team of specialized experts who are certified and highly professional translators.  Certified translations are usually stamped and authenticated as being accurate translated copy of the original file or document.  The term certified is usually used to denote authentication of personal and official documents.  However, we are not an official body to pretend to authenticate documents.  If official authenticated translation is required, we can assist you by presenting your files and documents to the authentication body in charge.   In this sense, a certified translation is our own witness that the translation of your document is totally accurate and authentic as compared to the original file.

What certified Arabic translation services require is the authenticity of the translation and the respect of the work codes, including the terms of quality assurance.  We abide by the rules of total accuracy and authenticity of the translated files.  Our work process relies on Almiaad Lingua QA terms which include the translation, revision, proofreading and double checking steps.  An external proofreading is essential before the task is sent for a final check by the project manager.  This applies to most translation processes and tasks.  But, in the case of certified translation, our translators should give the work a very special care bearing in the mind the official destination and level accuracy required.  A certified translation is usually meant to be used for official and legal purpose.  So, it should comply with the demands of high precision.  This accurateness is not only what makes our work professional.

In the provision of certified Arabic translation services, we consider the time urgency factor and sometimes the geographical distance separating us from the client.  Some clients contact us online and expect their files to be processed within short deadlines.  The translation itself can be scheduled and processed within hours, especially if the documents are not large or numerous.  However, since the task is to be stamped and certified as being copy of the original, the product file is usually to be sent by post mail.  For this purpose, we have suggested a number of solutions.

In order to enable the client to make use of our certified Arabic translation services on time, we suggest making a quick scan of the product file and sending it by email.  Then, a quick dispatch is ensured so that no time is lost.  To make this more realistic, we send from the nearest point to the client.  The International Dispatch Team at Almiaad Lingua coordinates with the international and local offices in order to find ways to stamp the file and send it to the client via rapid post from the nearest office or operating team.

If a client is in Turkey, for example, the teams with in coordination with the North African Office or with Dubai Office, as they geographically nearer to Istanbul than London or Canada.  However, for effective and rapid dispatch of our certified Arabic translation services, we also consider the availability of rapid post services, not only the distance on the ground. 


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