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Friday, July 4, 2014

Professional translation services, some business plan guidelines

Business plans are crucial for the improvement of the business outcome and the gradual development of business objectives.  In the field of language services provision, making a business plan needs two basic requirements, among others: clearly defining competition and strengthening competitiveness.   Professional translation services are largely dependent on these two elements.  Almiaad Lingua has been devising business plans based on these key parts.  The idea here is that the rest of the components of the business plan are largely dependent on the definition of competitive you are in the global market.  It is widely known that completion in the translation services provision is extremely fierce. 

Defining competition entails analyzing the market of professional translation services provision and stating who the real competitors are.  Depending on the type and scope of action of the business provider, the competitors can be identified in relation to how fierce and important they are.  Almiaad Lingua operates onsite and online.  It provides office services through the offices and teams it has around the world in: UK (London & Leicester), UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Tunisia (Tunis), Canada, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Libya, France, Germany, Russia, etc.    However, Almiaad Lingua also works online and provides translation, proofreading, interpreting legalization and localization from its websites to clients from all over the world.   In the definition of the key competitors, the ones operating from the hidden side are more eminent and should be given more importance in the analyses than those who work as translation agencies / companies.  

Among the hidden competitors of professional translation services online, there are the ‘free translation’ providers who are not real providers of free services.  They are only users of a fake catch phrase keyword for advertising purposes.  But, their presence online is strengthened through this technique.  Hence, their online presence is stronger and, more importantly, puts authentic translation service providers in back positions.  Also, there are free dictionaries and translation managers who play the role of fierce competitors.  Thus, the planning of our business activities and the study of competitiveness has to consider these main factors. 

Onsite competitors who operate outside the realm of web are more visible.  They are in fact addressed via the effectiveness and high standards of our professional translation services.  The views echoed in the clients’ feedback and words of mouth suggested within their social networks are very important as real testimonials.  However, even in real world translation competitors can be hidden.  Nowadays, many companies still prefer using internal translators to presenting tenders and requesting bids and quotations.  They tend to economize through the employment of full time staff or the hiring of some freelancers.  However, the limited expertise of individuals and their inability to handle large projects makes the choice very unlikely to satisfy their needs.

Based on the analyses of the different layers of competition, we make our business plans for each region, bearing in mind that localization is the key to going global in the field of professional translation services provision.  The more importance we give to the competition factor, the more effective the business plan becomes.  Its effective execution is dependent on the clarity of the study and it depth. 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Professional Chinese translation week at Almiaad Lingua

Almiaad Lingua for translation and Language Services, Ltd is organizing a Chinese Translation Week for the promotion of this language related translation services in the last week of June 2014.  This tradition has been operating since 2003 as a promotion of professional Chinese translation and language services provided by Almiaad Company.  The inauguration of this week is going to take place in three main offices. 

Almiaad Lingua office is organising the event in its main offices in the UK: London & Leicester.  Our Leicester office inaugurates the event by inviting some of our loyal clients and partners in the market.  The Chinese market operators in the region will present the importance of available business opportunities in translation and language services.  Some Chinese businessmen/ businesswomen who have used our translation, conference /meeting interpreting / interpretation services to inter other markets in the UK, France, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, Qatar,, Turkey, Libya and Bahrain will also give talks about the significance Almiaad Lingua has played as a provider of professional Chinese translation services.

Almiaad Lingua London Office is also presenting similar activities in its professional Chinese event, with an exceptional focus on the introduction of the Chinese culture and language to the audience.  Some dignitaries and business operators, as well as clients from the training and education backgrounds will talk about their experience with Almiaad Lingua.  A workshop is going to be organised on the learning of basic Chinese expressions of every day conversation.  Those who are invited for the event can learn how to say and write these expressions in English.  A basic introduction to the Chinese alphabet and writing system will also be provided. 

In Dubai, the inauguration of the professional Chinese translation week will take place in our main office.  Among the planned events, a discussion will be organised with Chinese clients operating as business entities in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabic, Dubai and the other states of the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Rais Alkhaimah).  Some of our loyal clients will report on the main clients will evaluate their experience with Almiaad Lingua and present how we can improve their experience with us.  Also, a display of the main activities, services and products they offer will be in display for the visitors.  Dr Ian Fiona, from Almiaad Lingua, will give a talk to present the improvement of the Chinese translation and language services offered by Almiaad Lingua.  This will also introduce the main challenges and business opportunities which have to do with Chinese.  The suggestions to improve the performance of our team in Dubai, the Middle East area, North Africa and East Asia will be discussed with regular clients and prominent figures from diplomacy and the academia.

The organisation of such events is an occasion for us to listen to our customers and take suggestions from various people operating in the market.  It is also an opportunity to promote our new services and business ideas.  This year, the importance of the Professional Chinese translation Week organised by Almiaad Lingua lies in our plan to open a regional office in Beijing.  This event, among others, will help our company gauge the feasibility and potential success of this endeavour.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Almiaad Lingua offers very important discounts on Japanese translation services

Japanese translation services are sought in technical fields.  Many company look for engineering translation services from and into Japanese.  The large cooperation between Japan and European countries have raised the demand for mechanical text translation.  The need for the transfer of the Japanese technology in the field of mechanics and machinery production has made the interest in translation technical and mechanical texts very important.

Although Europe is a leading provider of mechanical instruments and machinery products, including means of transport, the need to cooperate with Japan in this field is required.  Japan itself has decided to cooperate with car makers in Europe.  The cooperation between Nissan and Renault, as two important companies, is improving these years.   Not all competing parties are rivals. Seeking mutual cooperation is more important than competing in the classical meaning of the terms.  The need for English, French, German, Italian, Swedish,  Spanish and Turkish translation into Japanese an vice versa have been in steady growth even before the recession period. Almiaad Lingua offers professional Japanese translation services. 

As for the technical translation from Japanese into Arabic and vice versa, it has witnessed a booming in the last few years because of the important interest in Japanese goods.  These goods are usually classified into mechanical / machinery and electronic instruments.  Arabian Gulf countries, for example, constitute an important market for Japanese machinery products.  Arabs from oil producing countries trust Japanese cars and machines.  This has become more of a tradition.  It is true that the attitude is a product of decades of experience and satisfaction with these products, but the brand names have also produced a higher level of trust than what positive experience could make.  Electronic products made in Japan also enjoy the same level of popularity among Arabian Gulf customers.  These factors have made the need for Arabic into Japanese translation very important.  Thanks to this significance, Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services has decided to offer exceptional discounts on offers that have Japan as a language pair.  Professional Japanese translation services are handled by a team of experts and native speaker professionals.

Economic ties are also growing in financial fields, in particular.   The importance of Japanese technical, mechanical and electronic products has made economic ties and communication very significant.  This, of course entails the need for translation services.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua is very interested in improving the operation of Japanese translation services.  We operate on two parallel plans: the improvement of the services and the cut on costs.  This gives the client professional level of product service for a very reasonable rate.

Conferences in the cultural and economic / financial fields are occasions of product exposure and openness on the Japanese culture and way of life.   Our interpreters assure professional interpreting services for conferences (consecutive and simultaneous) and business meetings.  In addition to its professional Japanese translation services within more than 40 language pairs, Almiaad Lingua offers interpreting for various tailored purposes and occasions.

For all your needs for Japanese translation, training, education and interpreting services, please, contact us by email or call our international roaming number: +216 555 666 05

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Professional Russian translation services, a long tradition and market experience!

Russian translations have a remarkable share in the global translation market.  The profession’s business market is becoming very important regardless of the competition level which growing fiercer.  For us, the importance of translation within the Russian related language pairs stem from the fact that we have established business contact, most of which are more than a decade old with companies and institutions which have been keeping our teams busy with constant work for many years.   Hence, professional Russian translation services constitute a largely growing and very important source of income and business share.

So, our policy is to keep this sector growing and to restructure its teams and project management so as to make the work more effective.  Besides, the recruitment of more professional translators is very important.  There is a growing need which has been reported since that last semester of 2013 in the leads coming from some Russian related language pairs.   These pairs include: Russian to French, French to Russian, Russian to German, Russian to Arabic, Arabic to Russian and German to Russian.  The improvement in the performance of these language pairs add up to the status of professional Russian translation services at Almiaad Lingua.

The main fields of expertise which have been in high demand these last few years are: medical, document, business, military, education, financial, technical, manual translations.  However, petroleum companies which need our professional Russian translation services, either those operating in Russia or those originating from Russian speaking countries have expressed higher interest in engineering and technical projects.   The importance of the work with petroleum companies is related to the high volume of work they send us under contracts of fixed terms.

Since the quality assurance terms developed by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services Ltd do not allow us to outsource translation work just to meet short deadlines, we have opted for the employment of freelancers.   Freelancers who provide professional Russian translation services are not easy to select.  Although we receive applications and interest in joining our teams from people operating with Russian related language pairs, our policy is to be firm with our basic requirements.

Those who think of joining our full time and freelance teams as providers of professional Russian translation services have to make sure they meet the following terms and requirements:

·        Minimum university degree from a recognised university in a field of specialisation that is relevant to the fields of expertise we usually need.

·        Experience with a translation agency / company that is not less than 5 years.  The reference should be able to indicate the period spend as FULL TIME and the volume of performed within this period.

·        Familiarity with translation managers.  The candidate should be licensed in at least one widely used TM.

·        Those who do not meet ONE of the above requirements can be accepted for an internship period of 3-6 months.  This applies to the language pairs where there is a scarcity of translators.

For more details, you contact us by email:

Or send a text message to one of our teams: +216 555 666 05



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Russian Professional translation services offered by Almiaad Lingua

Russian Professional Translation Services Offered by Almiaad Lingua.

Almiaad Lingua provides the best Russian professional translation services  through its determination to meet all your requirements and achieve your satisfaction.  We translate Russian documents, texts, personal files, academic reports and articles, websites etc. from English to Russian and Russian to English.

Why Russian translation services?

Russian is an important language used by around 166 million people as a mother tongue. It spoken in by many countries in the ex-soviet states (e.g. Russian, Ukraine, Kazakistan…).  Russia is also te language of a large number of annual publications.  More importantly, it is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Russian document translation services

You can download your file and send it by email for a quick and accurate FREE QUOTE.  Our quoting takes into consideration the limits of your budget and the special requirements you want us to observe when the translation task is performed.  If you need a quick translation for getting the gist of the message, the cost can be reduced up to 50%.  There is also the possibility of aprompt reply transation of emails, SMS, Facebook and twitter posting from Russian.

Website translation

In case you want your business to boost in the Arabic, German, English or French speaking (more language los available), our Russian website can be translate to provide you with a unique opportunity of exposure in global markets.  Website localisation is another type of website translation in which more work is needed to make the product and brand mark / name look local in the target language culture. 

Into Russian translations are also possible and available to around 50 languages.  We have experienced and professional Russian translators working towards their native languages.

Russian into English translation

Russian into Arabic professional translation

Russian into German translation

Russian to French translation

English into Russian translation services

Why Almiaad Lingua in Russian professional translation services?

Amiaad Lingua started operating at the global level in 2003 with a team of English, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese and Urdu translators at first.  We now have more than 20 Russian translators and a large team of more freelancers who have decades of experience in all the fields required in the translation market.  They have worked with a high determination to provide accurate, authentic, technical and professional Russian translation.  We respect the quality assurance procedures from the moment your project is undertaken by our team

Reasons why Almiaad Lingua is the best provider of professional Russian translation services:

  • Highly qualified and experienced translators.
  • Experienced project mangers.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Best rates for high quality work.
  • Large number of glossaries.
  • Different types of source files are dealt with: text (PDF/Doc, etc.), Audio and Video files
  • Fast turnarounds

Other services related to professional Russian translation:

Document checking, website localization, IT translation, patent translation, software translation, text editing, DTP, typesetting, proofreading, voice over, dubbing, brand name analysis, file formatting, etc.

As a company which specializes in Russian translation, we offer the best discounts in return for the highest of qualities.



Saturday, April 26, 2014

Almiaad Lingua provides authenticated, stamped, verified and certified translation services

Certified translation services

Almiaad Lingua provides authenticated, stamped, verified and certified translation services

For a number of reasons and functions, customers need our certified translation services.  Certified translation is an accreditation and endorsement that the translated document is authentic and identical to the original in another language.  This serves the purpose of a guarantee against any attempts to falsify the content or the document.  For the applicant, this means that the document is authentic.  For the destined official entity or organization, the certified translation of a document means reliability and authentication.  The latter has to do with the procedures of quality and work involved in the processing of applications.

Certified translation services are needed by a number of organizations and institutions for a number of defined purposes.  Embassies and consular services need seals of ‘certified and authentic’ on documents for the purpose of reliability.  In this case the authenticated and certified translator plays the role of a guarantee of authenticity and a witness for the reliability of the product document.  The level of precision is thus critical and unauthenticity affects credibility and reliability. Although embassies and consulates often rely on a list of translators in a particular country, certified translation of documents is not legally bound to the translation bodies they suggest.  Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services

Foreign universities require certified copies of original credentials and degree certificates in order to process the application for registration as a student or a job application.  The translation of the certificates in question necessitates standard samples and adequate styles.  The existence of models in the target language or country, for each certified translator, is not always possible.  For a translation company, this is a necessary tool.  The linguistic style and content should be understood in the target language community although the contexts differ a lot. 

Foreign companies often require certified translation services of financial and administrative documents.  Working with foreign companies sometimes involves providing proof of the activities and financial situation in their language with seal of authentication.  Doing business at the international level also means providing certified translation and signature of the memorandum of association.  

Tender documents are other types of examples where certified translation is needed.  Depending on the type of tender file, participating in tenders often needs documentation for the technical envelope. The provision of certified documents adds value to the authenticity of the bid. 

How does Almiaad Lingua provide certified translation services all over the world?

We work 24/7 to serve clients who are in urgent need for certified translation.  Once an urgent request is received, a dedicated team starts the work.  Often, the translation is done within a couple of hours if this is taken as a rush job.  If you can come to one of our offices, you can collect the work and pay on the spot.  Otherwise, the dispatch team can send the document in normal or rapid post depending on the urgency of the matter from the nearest post to the client.  In case you prefer using an electronic copy, the whole task takes a couple of hours and the whole job is done!

For more details, send us an email:

Or an SMS: +447747769820


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Document translation services, sworn, stamped,reliable translators and reasonable cost.

Document translation services, sworn, stamped,reliable translators and reasonable cost.

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services guarantees special handling of document translation, often two professional translators perform the checking, editing and proofreading after the checked translation is done. 

Our authenticated, stamped, sealed/signed and sworn translations are approved by and accepted in different types of applications all over the world.

Translation is in fact based on meeting clients’ needs for rendering a text into a target language.  In this task, the translator deals with document translation of different types.  The importance of this field of translation stems from the fact that its importance and large scope.

Document translation deals essentially with private documents presented in different kinds of applications.  Copies of passports, identity cards, school transcripts, medical certificates, etc. are used in immigration applications.  Registering in educational institutions in other countries requires the translation of documents. Establishing business deals with foreign countries also needs the translation of the company’s internal documents and its business files necessary to make transactions.   Participating in tenders sometimes requires the translation of financial statements, including the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet.  Other documents that show the legal situation of the tenderer, like the company registration forms and documents are required.

Thus the term ‘document translation’ refers to different types of files often having legal status and official use.  But, it also covers any written /typed sort of file which has personal or institutional aspect.  Hence, document translation requires more precision, accuracy and authenticity than any general translation documents.  The translator’s choice of words will certainly influence the use of the file, its objective and the efficiency of is role.

Almiaad Lingua considers document translation services of a predominant importance. That’s why we often give it double checking by two different professional translators. Our document translation services abide to our quality assurance policy starting from the choice of the translator and proofreaders/checkers/revisers.

Only translators working towards their native language and who have advanced level in the source language –though this is a general and basic requirement for the recruitment of our translators, either as full time onsite of freelancers- can handle document translation.  These experts, whose experience in translating documents of specific types corresponding to the file (s) in question has been proved through experience in our company can be assigned this type of jobs.

Document translation sector operates with clients from the UK (London, Leicester, Birmingham, Scotland, Ireland, etc.), Germany, France, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabic, Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.), Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Canada, USA, Sweden, etc.  we provide document translation nearly from any language to any language .

We have translators to handle documents from English to Arabic, Arabic to English, French to English, English to French, French to Arabic, Arabic to French, Russian to Arabic, Russian to English, English to Russian, Arabic to Russian, Canadian French to English, English to Canadian French, Swedish to English, English to Swedish, Italian to Arabic, Italian to English, German to English, German to French, etc.

Almiaad Lingua is a leading provider of translation services, including document translation.  We provide authenticated stamped translation of personal documents which can be submitted by rapid post or by email.  The translated document is sealed as a sworn translation as per the client’s request.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is French translation still important?

Is French translation still important?

With the growth of English as a global language, language of international communication, French seems to lose most of its speakers as a second language in its former colonies.   People nowadays make recourse to English even with their limited language fluency.   Hence, the question whether English into French professional translation and European languages into French translation is still needed in international markets.  French into English and English into French professional translation needs will not depend on French being replaced by English in its old colonies.

The need for French translation services does not uniquely depend on the position of this language at the international language, compared to English in the international markets.  The importance of English and into English translations has been increasingly growing regardless of the other languages importance.  It is true that European languages and other important languages as well cannot compete with English in terms of its dominance at the global level.  This does not mean that all these languages have lost or are on their way to disappear from the international linguistic scene.  The point here is that English is being recognized as a Lingua Franca globally.  However, the importance of other languages or the number of their speakers will automatically decrease.

The need for translation within certain pairs largely depends on the importance of its speakers and their economic activities.  If there were mutual understanding between people speaking different languages, translation would have never flourished.  We need people speaking different languages to make the need for translation projects happen.  English into French translators, for example, find work when there somebody who speaks French and wants an English text to be written in their language so that they understand it clearly.  When a document needs to be translated from French into English, it implies that the English speaker does not speak fluent French to be able to understand the text. 

Clients from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain will need English to Arabic, French to English, French to Arabic, and English to French in the same way customers from Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Cameroon or Ivory Coast do.

Clients from Africa, Asia and Canada still want their documents to be translated from and into English.  Regardless of the tendencies of people in different countries to learn new languages, the business and institutional needs for translation services will be as important as today, if not more.  During the last economic recession, people thought the first people to wipe over this would be the translators and their industry.  However, as competition grew fierce, the need for translators continued.  English to Arabic, English to French and French to English translation services were needed even in countries where economic problems heavily influenced local economies.  This does not mean that translation never suffered from the economic recession.  It did, but not the expected level.

English to French and French to English professional translators will be in high demand.  However, only those who can compete will be there.  Translation is being computerized and ‘Googlized’ as well.  Professional translators who use translation memories are more likely to be in the market.  However, their translation activity will largely depend on the classification Google and other search engines give to their ranking and results of client searches.  Those who succeed to be ranked on first page of Google, for example, will do more business than those who do not. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arabic into English and English into Arabic Professional Translation Glossaries

Arabic into English and English into Arabic Professional Translation Glossaries


Almiaad Lingua for Translation & Language Services has recently set up some internal series of glossaries for some fields of expertise for internal reference.  This step is meant to improve our accuracy and performance as already mentioned in Almiaad Lingua Quality Assurance Documents.

Glossaries are generally bilingual lists of terms classified according to the field of expertise (medical, engineering, educational, etc.).  They follow the principle of synonymy in the corresponding language.  They may have explanations of technical concepts in the corresponding field of expertise.  Large companies and organizations use their own glossaries and compel translators and editors to employ them exclusively, regardless of the level unanimity within which these terms are received in the target language.

The use of widely agreed glossaries is very important in medical and legal terms, for example.  The precision required in these fields is exceptionally important.  Difference in the employment of legal terms may create confusion and diversion in interpretation.  This may result in a conflict of interests and loss of some parties.  Thus, the need to follow widely agreed terms in translating these kinds of texts is an important achievement. 

UK, London, Leicester

The main aim is to improve the terminology database so as to create an Arabic term reference for students, researchers and academic staff.  The production of such a reference document will enrich the Arabic translation academic field and create conformity in the terms and concepts employed.

Medical glossaries operating in the field and employed by translators are very good example of how technical translations into Arabic suffers from the employment of different terms and references.  This influences the work of translators and proofreaders and clients as well.

People working within the medical English into Arabic and the French to Arabic pairs encounter many difficulties with the existence of different medical terms.  This applies to very technical medical research terms and those related to the naming of machinery.

Those translating from French have no access to those translating from English; hence the terms employed are divergent and mutually incomprehensible.   This situation is very frustrating for translators and proofreaders, alike.  The translator may be familiar with some terms that the proofreader refuses in his/her editing. 

Translators working in different countries use different terms.  They have glossaries different from those used in other Arab countries.  This is not only in relation with the dominant second language in those countries.     

This is not only due to the language of origin.  It is very much likely to be the product of the non-conformity situation.  The absence of the institutionalized work in the Arab world has resulted in this dilemma.

Almiaad Lingua believes that the authority of the references and the institution should provide the translation profession with tools for work, including the reference glossaries.   If this difficult to realize through an Arabic language institution or an academic organization, it is achievable through professional work.  Almiaad Lingua proposes Almiaad Lingua Arabic Glossary as a reference document in three languages: English, French and Arabic.  Hopefully, this will be available in other languages like: Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Urdu, Dutch, Norwegian, Canadian French and Swedish.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Almiaad Lingua recruits more sign language interpreters

Almiaad Lingua recruits more sign language interpreters
Almiaad Lingua provides sign language interpreting services for a wide range of services and for various customers.
What is Sign language interpreting?
Sign Language Interpreting is the simultaneous or consecutive facilitation of oral or sign language understanding.  Deaf people and those who suffer from hard hearing difficulties require their sign language to be interpreted to others who do not understand it.  Also, those who use natural language need to make their messages understood by these speech impaired people. This translation / interpreting requires a high degree of authenticity. 
Qualities of a sign language interpreter
The ability to faithfully and accurately convey the message from speech to signs or the other way round is the basic requirement of the professional sign language interpreter.   Of course, this entails deep and accurate knowledge of the sign language and relevant training to perform such tasks.  Another criteria is to avoid frustrating the deaf and hard of hearing people by not being able to convey the essence of what is going on around them in the context of the interpreting task.  The example of the interpreter who failed to convey the messages clearly and made recourse to strange acts while singing during the funerals of Nelson Mandela in 2013 is a clear instance of how sign language interpreting can turn to be a frustrating and unprofessional performance. 
Types of Sign Languages
British Sign Language
Although American and British English are mutually intelligible, British Sign language is different from American Sign Language.   it is used by around 130,000 deaf people.  It uses hand shape, hand motion and direction of the movement.   Spelling out words is done through finger spelling which employs and special alphabet.  It is now believed that the subject-verb-object canonical form is found in British Sign Language.
American Sign Language
It is widely used in America and the British speaking part of Canada.   It originated from Hartford and it is supposed to be used by around 500,000 people.  It employs natural language phonemes and finger spelling.  The latter are often used with words borrowed from other languages.  This sign language shows aspects of agreement, continuous aspects and verb agreement in its grammar.  This shows that the stigmatized view of spoken / natural language superiority is not true.
French Sign Language
This is believed to be the mother of American Sign Language.  the latter influenced the former because the people who worked on the American School of the Deaf to design a new code for these speech impaired people used principles of communication from the French school. 
Russian Sign Language
It is different from the structure and founding of the Russian language. Russian Sign Language is similar to Bulgarian SL.  However, it is different from the signed Russian employed in news programs for the dead. 
How does Almiaad Lingus recruit Sign Language Interpreters?
Apart from the certification and experience requirements, Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services tests the candidates based on:
  • The use of expressive and receptive signing when they transmit a  message from sign to speech and from speech to sign. 
  • The way they handle deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people.
  • The speed t=within which the interpreting is done both ways.
Also, some registers and organization provide certification to sign language interpreters, like the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Design and implementation of online and classroom professional training services

Design and implementation of online and classroom professional training services

Almiaad Training Center provides professional vocational, personal development, staff, soft skills, IT skills, language skills, management, innovation, online, onsite; teachers’ training, among several context-designed and specifically oriented training activities.  Apart from the traditional training approach, Almiaad Training Center employs experiential and performance based approaches. 

Training is often defined as the provision and dissemination of practical knowledge and improvement of performance by the development of particular skills.  This definition considers the knowledge and performance backgrounds of the professional training’s mission. In fact, this applies to vocational, in service, pre-service and staff training in private and public sectors.  

Almiaad Training Center produces training portfolios in an effective group work task.  The people who should perform the training in question get together with training designers and trainers of trainers to produce the training session portfolio.  This includes handling the various tasks and objectives as well as the content of the presentation and the various activities involved.  It is necessary to make sure that the training content is assessed and approved before the training sessions.

Almiaad Training Center started providing various types of training in the beginning of the present millennium.   We first started as teacher trainers for novice English ESL/EFL teachers in the Arabian Gulf area and gained very encouraging results in this field.  Thanks to the high determination of our trainers, we achieved unparalleled outcomes.  The success of our well designed practicum sessions enabled us to extend the contract on in-service trainees who needed an introduction to new curricula.  The educational reforms necessitated specially trained teachers to handle the new syllabi and implement new teaching approaches. 

Our self-development agenda started on the same year as a result of the incorporation of experienced trainers into our training center.  The market demand for self-improvement activities and knowledge were very high.  It really took us a long time to prepare the first few batches designated to various audience categories.  But, the results were encouraging.   What has always been on our side was our choice to be different.  Being different was an aspect of being innovative.  We took the concept of thinking outside the box as a guiding principle for the choice, naming, design and implementation of training programs. 

We have teams working on online training programs.  Online training employs the same principles ad onsite training; but, the practical side, the engagement and team work activities involve onsite training.  Although vocational training requires a larger practical component, some clients suggest using online or computer aided training.  In certain cases, online training proves to be successful and the training outcome is more than perfect.  Meanwhile, teacher training and technical training programs require face to face training with substantial practice and drilling, if needed. 

Self-development, management and soft skills training are widely needed all over the world.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua chose to make them a priority among the other kinds of training.  Management tools are very effective for business people.  They need wider skills training, which involves the integration of management tools, soft skills, IT how to do and personal development skills.  Soft skills are widely used among business, human resources and organizational leaders. 

Almiaad Training Center is a leading provider of effective training management all over the world.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Professional medical and financial translation services

Professional medical and financial translation services

Almiaad Lingua works with faithful clients of Arabic to English, English to Arabic, French into Arabic, Arabic into English, German English, Spanish to English, Swedish into English, Canadian French into American English, English into Canadian, Russian to English, English into Russian and English to Chinese professional translators.   

Medical translation services are the best way for new medical staff to understand the content of a medical report and follow up the case.   Patients need original reports or medical tests and analyses in a language different from that of the doctor’s/GP’s need the help of our professional translators in order to make the text with all its technical content readable to the user of a different language.

However, the need for medical translation goes beyond the dealing with reports.  The scientists, practitioners and researchers often need to disseminate their knowledge and research findings with speakers of other languages.  This requires the services of a professional translator.   Although the content is purely scientific, the translation has to be performed professionally and accurately.  Content writers often believe that more than seventy per cent of a scientific text is made up of non-linguistic scientific terms, equations and concepts.  Admitting that this statement is true does not mean that medical texts, for example, are read with the required accurateness and precision in any language.  Even thirty percent remains an important mass of words.  Ignoring them may change the superficially understood meanings

Medical conference interpreting is an example of why scientists need to understand each other through translation.  The same thing applies to the medical surveys and data gathering methods used in medical research.  Pharmaceutical research is also among the areas of medical translation services. 

Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services offers the best professional translation of medical and financial documents

Financial translations are as sensitive and as important as medical translation services.  Financial translation should be accurate, authentic and context sensitive.  Some incidents of the catastrophic effects of some weak or inaccurate translations show the sensitivity of this content.  False indicators can create negative effects on the economy of a country or the business of a company.

Financial document translation includes different types of documents for different purposes.  Financial reports are often translated and used as indicators or documents for corporates.   As these documents witness for the financial performance of companies, they showcase this company’s economic policy and achievements.  Hence, the translation of such documents is very sensitive and requires a professional level of work. 

The translation of financial books and study materials are usually required for non- English speaking universities and colleges.  Newly starting departments and faculties often build their course plans and references on a broad translation project.  Some Arabic speaking tertiary institutions have asked Almiaad Lingua translation sector to translate some references that included books and scientific articles.  Daily translation of financial indexes and newspaper articles are in higher demand for financial reviews as well as for newspaper reports and articles.   

Almiaad Lingua employs professional Arabic, French, English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. to handle the translation of financial and medical files.


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