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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Certified Arabic translation

For a number of purposes, translated documents need often to be certified for the sake of authenticity.  Some government officials or official bodies necessitate that documents and credentials presented in different kinds of applications have proof of authenticity and show a professional level of reliability.  These certified translations are usually assured by certified translators and translation agencies/ companies.  In fact, the UK laws and regulations do not have such labels of certified translations.  Since Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services operates globally, we opted for the provision of certifying translations for clients all over the world.  Certified Arabic translation is just among the many specialised translations we provide.

How these kinds of translations are assured is what makes the difference between us and any other provider.  We offer the certification / authentication of translation in the form of a stamp and ‘authentic and certified translation of the original’ note, with a signature of the translator or the project manager in charge of performing the task.  Though official regulations widely differ from one country to another, what is of constant interest and importance for most government bodies is usually the reliability and truthful translation which reflects how the target copy is true version of the original.  Our certified Arabic translation service respects the client’s requirement of an accurate and meticulous translation with a high degree of precision.

The way a translation is certified takes special quality measures for the sake of accurateness and authenticity.  First, a special senior translator specialised in document translation is allocated for the task of ensuring the translation.  The proof-reader entitled to check for correctness of content facts and language editing ensures that the final cut is done in accordance with the job requirements and the relevant quality assurance terms.  A certified Arabic translation is a proof that the document in question is a true version of the original in the target language.

We usually, unless otherwise requested, offer two copies of the certified translation: one soft and another in the form of a stamped, and often signed, print out sent by post or directly handed to the client.  The soft copy is for direct and rapid use to support the application, especially if it is made online.  It also offers the client to add possible limited alterations of the layout and font types.  Certified Arabic translation services are in effect made to meet a special requirement for the client and the other concerned requesting body/ institution. 

Our nearest office to you performs that task.   This is the main principle we follow in order to make the service more profitable and user friendly.  We understand that clients require a rapid delivery which the rapid post service only cannot ensure.  Almiaad Lingua allocates the task to one of its closest offices to the client.  If that office happens to be too busy to perform the task or its working hours may delay the submission of the translation, the coordinating office handles the certified Arabic translation at any other location and requests the nearest office to do the posting dispatch.  Almiaad Lingua remains at your disposition for all your suggestions and recommendations for a better quality service.

Friday, November 7, 2014




Almiaad Lingua for Translation & Language Services is a services company provider offering a host of language solutions, including professional translation, proofreading, interpreting, voice over, language learning, training and education. 
In the field of translation, our policy is enacted through the 'project processing procedures'.
This document is for our team of in house and freelancer translators to abide by.  The following extract shows part of the procedures and guidelines our translation team (project managers, translators, and proofreaders) follow:

Guidelines for Project Managers:

1.     Tasks are allocated to full time and freelance service providers only if they have been recruited in writing as certified providers by the HR team.   The Project Managers should allocate jobs only if the provider are fully available for the task and can deliver/accomplish it within the agreed deadlines.

2.     A pre-assessment test is administered by the project manager before allocating the task.  Trainers and educators are required to provide the program plan and the content and structure of the sessions/lessons. Translators should submit a test of no less than 150 words for evaluation.

3.     If the translator feels that the project being undertaken, or part of it, is beyond their capacity or not within their fields of expertise, they should decline to proceed with it within three hours of receipt of the file. This should be done by email and SMS/Fax.

4.     The translator is responsible for the content and the format of the file finalised.  Educators and trainers shall abide by the requirements of the project as stated in the documents signed/shared.

5.     The proof reader should assure that the job is done in total respect of the guidelines provided and it abides by the regulations of high quality as set in the ISO 9001 relevant documents.

6.      In case the client expresses any complaint(s) regarding the quality or the form of the work presented, both the translator and the proof reader will have to fix the problem(s) and resubmit the work at no extra cost until total satisfaction of the client (see Complains and Claims, below).
10. Submissions of texts to be proofread should be sent by email only, unless otherwise required, at least three hours before deadline.
11. The project manager should assure that each project is proofread by a second translator whose profile shows more experience and higher qualifications.  In case the translator and proof reader happen to be at the same level, the project manager decides on whom to nominate for each task.
12. The project manager should provide the glossaries necessary for the project in case the text requires that.  We give priority to our electronic database of glossaries.
13. If the client provides a glossary of terms, translators SHALL use them exclusively.
Non-discrimination policy:

           We abide by general non-discrimination laws.  Hence, our procedures and policies never treat individuals or groups of people less favourably than others because of their colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin in dealing with clients and service providers.

 Complaints and Claims of incompetency/misconduct:

In the event of receipt of complaints against our service providers, on any professional or misconduct grounds, Almiaad Lingua immediately investigates the case with the client. 
           Against interpreters:
           The client’s claim should be backed with concrete examples of mistakes made by the interpreter. 

           The interpreter’s payment (Terms of Payment, Section 2) is subject to the provision of high quality work as expressed by the client (go-ahead, payment, no complaint) and approved by Almiaad Lingua.

           In case of unsatisfactory or incomplete work or any complaint relating to quality or general conduct, the interpreter is confronted with the proof provided by the client.  If the assessment committee (Term 3) decides that the case is authentic, an amount is deducted from the total payment sum  or a non-payment is decided in case the fault is major.  The interpreter shall not be called for future projects of any kind and their details are deleted from Almiaad Lingua database.


Non-Use and Non-Disclosure.

a.  Almiaad Lingua agrees that it shall hold all confidential information it receives or otherwise obtains in strictest confidence.  It shall not disclose such information or transmit any files containing such information to any other party, except as specifically authorized by this document.

b.  The duty of non-disclosure shall not apply to information which was rightfully communicated free of any obligation of nondisclosure and without restriction as to use.

c. Almiaad Lingua employees and sub-contractors are contractually bound to observe appropriate restrictions and are aware of their obligations under contract and under common law.

d. Almiaad Lingua agrees to implement the necessary security steps in order to protect the confidentiality and security of the documents we deal with.

Ownership and Implied Rights. 

The Company acknowledges that the Confidential Information, including Intellectual Property Rights, is and shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Almiaad Lingua.

Affiliates and Related Entities.

Access to confidential information provided in the course of work is to be kept private without any prior written consent


In the event the other party (client or service provider) breaches the terms and conditions of an agreement, the other contracting party has the right to:

·        Terminate the agreement and/or demand the immediate return of all confidential information;

·        Recover its actual damages (not punitive or other damages) incurred by reason of such breach.

The contracting parties specifically acknowledge that the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information would result in a big loss for.  Each party therefore applies its strict measures and abides by the relevant laws to prevent any unauthorized disclosure.

Governing Law. 

This Agreement is made under and shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UK. The Company submits to the relevant jurisdiction of the courts in case of disputes arising out of any contracts with clients and service providers.

Force Majeure.

Neither party (clients and service providers) shall be liable in case of force majeure. The Parties agree that force majeure shall include (but shall not be limited to) acts of god, nature and war, and any other circumstances reasonably beyond our control.


Any notice required by the contracting parties, or given in connection with it, shall be in writing and shall be given to the appropriate party by personal delivery or by certified mail, postage prepaid, or recognized overnight delivery services.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Professional Chinese Translation services Day in Dubai

Professional Chinese Translation services Day in Dubai

Almiaad Lingua made a reception for its Professional Chinese Translation services team in Dubai last Thursday.   The event was an occasion to evaluate the performance of the Chinese translators and interpreters as well as the work flow during the past six months in our Almiaad Lingua Dubai Office.  Dr. Dadi, the CEO of the company attended the ceremony and stressed the need to improve the scope of work and clientele list. He explained that Chinese translators are sought in the whole MENA region, especially after the increase of business and commercial ties between China and some Arabic speaking countries of the Gulf Region.  He actually gave his advice and recommendations to the regional manager of the UAE & the Arabian Gulf countries and the team leader in charge of the Chinese and Asian languages pairs to target more industries and contact more potential clients.

The team of Professional Chinese Translation services Day has equally made exceptional efforts to keep stable clients and improve the company’s business reputation.  A very important work has also been done in terms of recruitment of two more consecutive and simultaneous Chinese interpreters for more potential tasks.  The improvement of the turnover resulting from this language has been noticed since the beginning of the present year.  There are now attempts o integrate Chinese language learning in the list of services provided by Almiaad Lingua.  The raising interest among intellectuals and businessmen in mastering this language has been in constant increase according to business surveys conducted in the first semester of this year.

Among the fields of expertise which are in high demand in this region, there is the business, medical, industrial and diplomatic areas of interest.  Generally, oil related translation services are part of regional tenders.  Clothing, among other industries, occupies the top trend of clients looking for our Professional Chinese Translation services in the Middle East and North Africa region.  Other fields of less importance include the translation of financial documents and product manuals.  The manuals are for business people looking for deals and business partners in Dubai. For this purpose, the regional manager suggested targeting more clients located in China and Hong Kong.  His rational was that the close we get to the leaders of the manufacturing world in China itself, the more likely we are to make lasting clients and returning orders. 

What makes Professional Chinese Translation services very important in Dubai and the Middle East region is that more Chinese related language pairs are needed.  The fact the Dubai is the regional hub for trade and business of people from around the globe indicates the need for more languages.  Westerners operating in this region rely on English as a lingua franca.   However, this is not evident as not all of them master this language for business purposes.  The same things applies to the Chinese people whose English is not as fluent as it should be in order to conduct and negotiate business deals.   This not only increases the importance of Chinese, but also opens up the door to more language pairs. 

Almiaad Lingua will reinforce its presence in this market by training its staff and expanding in the whole region.

Monday, October 27, 2014

English language learning courses in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton

English language learning courses in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton

Almiaad Lingua provides professional English courses for learners for different purposes.  We organize English language training courses for different age levels and types of participants.  The level of support in our language learning courses starts in simple private tuition and onsite courses.  Our team of language instructors (ESL/EFL) is trained to offer face to face support and analyses of learners’ learning difficulties.  The outcome of our courses has been encouraging and the emersion programs we offer in the UK are very important to develop speaking and listening skills.  At the end of every course we provide to English as foreign /second language learners we provide in their home countries, we suggest immersion programs in an English speaking country.   In these courses learners are exposed to the language as it is used in its home country and by its native speakers. 

The way these course help develop learners’ speaking fluency is observed from the first couple of days.  First, this experience provides them with patterns of communication.  Whenever the speaker needs to express his/herself on a particular topic or for a specific purpose, there is model employed in real settings and used by the native speakers in their network for the learner to follow.  Also, the way these expressions and models is used improves the learners’ communicative competence, which has been the concern of most people interested in ELT research.  English language learning courses are in fact an adaptation of the learner to some models of speech and oral expression based on concrete models.

Second, the self-confidence which improves as the speaker’s language fluency gets better plays a major role in developing the ability to increase the level of intake and develop the degree of endurance.  This is important especially for adult learners who sometimes lose interest in learning a foreign language.  Once the learning practice is turned into a positive experience, the learner understands the mechanics of turning the content of exposure into language intake.  The English language learning courses we have offered in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton have resulted in higher levels of interest and motivation for learners and a remarkable improvement in their English language fluency.

Learners who are willing to improve their English language fluency can join us for one or more immersion programs in the UK.  The process is made easy for you. You just inform us about your preferences in terms of date, length of stay and destination city.  Once our application is received, the team in charge arranges for your bookings and informs you about the terms of the offer.  All our English language learning courses in London, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton can be joined at any time during the year.  There is no minimum language fluency requirement or education level restriction. 

The courses include interactive lessons, projects and excursions to other cities.  Accommodation is either within a host family or in student hostels.  Sometimes, we book in bed and breakfast hotels.  The most important thing for Almiaad Lingua is that your preferences are respected. 


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Translator English to French to start a full time position in Dubai next month

Almiaad Lingua for Translation & Language Services, Ltd is a leading provider of professional interpreting and translation services at the global level.  We are recruiting a translator English to French to start a full time position in Dubai next month.   The candidates should present proof of previous intensive experience in the translation of various types of documents pertaining to different kinds of expertise like medical translation, engineering, technical, business and / or media academic knowledge levels.  The minimum level of education required should not be below BA / BSc.  However, other tertiary education levels might be considered in some special cases, especially when there is enough proof that a certain standard level of work output is maintained.  

When having to handle projects onsite, the translator applying for this position should bear in mind that we sometimes allocate tasks onsite for some clients.  If some candidates feel this is not the kind of tasks they might not feel comfortable with, we urge them to express this in the application.  A translator English to French should ensure that the reputation of Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services is respected and well maintained.  We all work for the wellbeing of the brand name and its associated services and product labels.  So, any refusal to perform a task or unsatisfactory performance which reduces the quality of work and induces clients’ low satisfaction is therefore very destructive for the company and its reputation.  Translation is work of quality and perfection. Hence, any translator who does not observe these qualities is doomed to destroy the status of the work and business name under which they operate.  

The basic requirements we expect to find in the translator English to French applicant are essentially: the suitable qualifications, proven professional field experience with a reputable translation services provider, and the TM certification.  Those who do not meet these basic conditions should refrain from applying.  We have set the number of years of professional experience to be above three full time work proven full time career involving extensive knowledge about practical handling of various types of files.  The online pre-selection stage involves a timed translation test to be performed online in order to determine the quality of work the candidate is able to perform.  The next selection stage consists in a job interview in order to determine the suitability of the candidate for the positon.  Knowledge about, and preferably certification in one or more TM systems are very essential for the translator. 

The high position Almiaad Lingua enjoys in the Middle East and North Africa markets encourages us to maintain a high standard of translation and conference interpreting services.  This is what the newly recruited translator English to French has to respect and help us improve.  We have been operating in Dubai and the Arabian Gulf countries for more than a decade now trying to enlarge the scope of our services and the number of clients.  From our first team settled in Dubai since the early days of the millennium, we reached clients of translation services in Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Doha (Qatar), Manama (Bahrain), Jeddah, Dhahran, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina (Holy Shrines), Kuwait and Iraq.  In the midst of difficult times, we were operational in Yemen as onsite translators and conference or business meeting interpreters.   

Thursday, September 11, 2014

French translation to English training courses in Dubai and Muscat

Training courses are being organized by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services during the following three months on topics relevant to the professional development scheme set up two years ago for our translation staff.  We have decided to improve the performance of our staff even though most of those who need improvement are working as freelancers. The idea behind this decision is that at least and during this year English, French and Arabic translators get a chance to improve professionally.  The next week we start with those working with the French translation to English. 
The budget we spend and the scheme of work we set for this training is decided at the top management level and this step is highly appreciated as it complements our quality assurance plan which requires that all translators working with us, including the freelancers and temporary translating staff operating form regional offices meet the medium to top level requirements to perform translation work for Almiaad Lingua.  Starting with the French translation to English specialist is related to the increasing demand for translation within this pair in Dubai, Muscat / Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.  Of course, translators working with our team in Abu Dhabi and Jeddah, for example are also concerned.

What we want to develop in the free training sessions is related to the improvement of handling terminology databases, the use of translation managers and CAT tools.  Some computer software sessions may be organised on the occasion.  People who master only one CAT tool are requested to enlarge the database of their knowledge about the employment of a second or third tool like Wordfast, Déjà vu, Trados, SDLX, etc.  Also, we are concerned with the development of terminology project.  Our terminologists have already finished with the French, Arabic and English medical and business translation terminology databases.  Getting our French translation to English staff to use these databases as references of internal use is one of our aims.  Knowing how to use them and training our professional translators on the exclusive employment of the terms we have developed or adopted are necessary for regional offices and local teams.  This training will offer us the opportunity to diffuse these databases. 

French translation to English is important and increasing in high demand in the North African and Middle Eastern area (MENA) as business transactions and diplomatic relations are important in the region.  Ties among particular groups require the development of specific language pairs translation.  What make the difference in the translation market are the professional development schemes developed by individuals or the ones organized by agencies or companies. 

Almiaad lingua is committed to the improvement of French translation to English staff as translators and proofreaders / reviser.  The provision of such training courses not only improves the performance of professionals, but also guarantees that the quality assurance terms we employ are respected even when dealing with temporary staff and that we operate beyond the level of minimum requirements set.  We aim at improving standards, not just respecting and following them. 

For all you professional translation requirements, please contact us by email:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Website translation for UK businesses operating in Dubai

Websites are the electronic gate of the business your represent.  They represent a very effective way of exposing your business products and services in the market.  What makes them special for businesses is that they are available 24/24 for a global clientele and product seekers.  A website facilitates the introduction of your business, and your message to the public is always available for readers and internet browsers.  This exceptional service has helped businesses around the world since the advent of the internet.  What makes this advent more effective is website translation service.

The more people adhere to the use of the internet from their phones, tablets and PCs the higher your changes are to get exposed and improve your sales.  However, without translating your web content to the language of the target market, your chances to get access to the potential clients remains limited.  Almiaad Lingua offers specially tailored services of website translation for UK businesses operating in Dubai and the Middle East area.

The translation of a website, say from English to Arabic, is not an easy task.  It is different from regular translation tasks done from MS Word or PDF files, among other file formats.  Apart from the technical requirements which the project manager has to handle, translators have to bear in mind that a degree of localisation is expected from any website content translation, especially when the content is commercial or business oriented.  Website translation services are meant to introduce the reader to the business and its products and services in his/her native language.

Many business providers operating in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.) and in other countries like the USA, Japan, China, Russia and Canada have opted for the translation of their online platforms into Arabic as part of their attempt to enter the UAE Arabic in Dubai and the whole region.  In their business plans, website translation into UAE Arabic is not a work of advertising their products and services.  The exposure of a business in the local language is mainly a localisation project.  Business services, for example, operate globally and usually employ English as the language of communication with their clients and freelancers.  However, clients trust those whom they can meet and those who understand their needs and can communicate with them in their native languages.  That’s why the translation of the business website is becoming extremely important.

In the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar the increase of foreign businesses has increased since the first oil boom in the early 1970s.  Most of them were aware that translating their messages to Arabic was a necessity.  Website translation was first viewed as a means of introducing their products in another language.   Not only the advertising language was translated, but also the client direct contact point.  Even with the use of a pidginised Arabic, the local client was able to feel that the product / service appealed to them.   Now, Almiaad Lingua introduces its localised and well integrated solutions of website translation for Western companies operating in Dubai and other countries around the world.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Certified Arabic translation services from Almiaad Lingua

Almiaad Lingua offers the best and most professional certified Arabic translation services through a team of specialized experts who are certified and highly professional translators.  Certified translations are usually stamped and authenticated as being accurate translated copy of the original file or document.  The term certified is usually used to denote authentication of personal and official documents.  However, we are not an official body to pretend to authenticate documents.  If official authenticated translation is required, we can assist you by presenting your files and documents to the authentication body in charge.   In this sense, a certified translation is our own witness that the translation of your document is totally accurate and authentic as compared to the original file.

What certified Arabic translation services require is the authenticity of the translation and the respect of the work codes, including the terms of quality assurance.  We abide by the rules of total accuracy and authenticity of the translated files.  Our work process relies on Almiaad Lingua QA terms which include the translation, revision, proofreading and double checking steps.  An external proofreading is essential before the task is sent for a final check by the project manager.  This applies to most translation processes and tasks.  But, in the case of certified translation, our translators should give the work a very special care bearing in the mind the official destination and level accuracy required.  A certified translation is usually meant to be used for official and legal purpose.  So, it should comply with the demands of high precision.  This accurateness is not only what makes our work professional.

In the provision of certified Arabic translation services, we consider the time urgency factor and sometimes the geographical distance separating us from the client.  Some clients contact us online and expect their files to be processed within short deadlines.  The translation itself can be scheduled and processed within hours, especially if the documents are not large or numerous.  However, since the task is to be stamped and certified as being copy of the original, the product file is usually to be sent by post mail.  For this purpose, we have suggested a number of solutions.

In order to enable the client to make use of our certified Arabic translation services on time, we suggest making a quick scan of the product file and sending it by email.  Then, a quick dispatch is ensured so that no time is lost.  To make this more realistic, we send from the nearest point to the client.  The International Dispatch Team at Almiaad Lingua coordinates with the international and local offices in order to find ways to stamp the file and send it to the client via rapid post from the nearest office or operating team.

If a client is in Turkey, for example, the teams with in coordination with the North African Office or with Dubai Office, as they geographically nearer to Istanbul than London or Canada.  However, for effective and rapid dispatch of our certified Arabic translation services, we also consider the availability of rapid post services, not only the distance on the ground. 



Saturday, August 16, 2014

French Translation to English TM Training Courses

French translation to English TM training courses

Almiaad Lingua organises training courses on the use of TMs for onsite translators working in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  These events start on the 21st August 2014 and takes around 20 days for the teams and offices located in London, Leicester, Frankfurt, Paris, Istanbul, Tunis, Dubai, Muscat and Jeddah.  The translators working within the following language pairs: French translation to English and English translation to French will be trained on the use of major software like Trados, Wordfast and Déjà vu.  The training will be conducted by fellow translators and university lecturers who specialise in translation.  This is not, however, a certification as the one offered by these software providers and universities.  This is part of the professional development plan set up by Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services to introduce our full time translators to the use of translation managers and the building up of glossaries. 

Most of those working within the French translation to English pair are aware of the importance of professional development and software employment in translation nowadays.   Hence, the success of this event is related to the high motivation our staff has shown to previous training events.  The participation is usually high and encouraging for trainers and managers of training events.  In the event of unexpected failure to come to the training, trainees may follow the videotaped recording of the training session so as to get ready for the next one. 

Trados is usually required for office work in the French translation to English language pair.   Most clients emphasise the need for the same terminology in the whole file or related files.  The reason behind the choice of Trados, Wordfast and Déjà vu is that they are among the widely used software in the translation market.  This introductory training course is expected to familiarise the translators and initiate them to the basic standard use.  This will facilitate their certification in the software they choose, later.  Meanwhile, treating source files requires knowledge about the software. 

After these training courses, the translators working with the French translation to English language pair are given the opportunity to work with teams which handle files of this type.  While our recruitment policy requires that translators have practical knowledge or certified training in these translation managers, we occasionally need to recruit translators who do not meet this requirement.  The solution is to offer them an initiation to the use of Trados and Wordfast and urge them to get certified later. 

The translators working on this scheme appreciate our support policy and get engaged into the training with high motivation.  Almiaad Lingua also appreciates this idea as it creates motivation for work and provides an opportunity for improvement while performing as a translator.  The resulting support is what makes the French translation to English language pair an asset for the company.  Our corporate plan is to foster training for professional development for the next three years in order to improve the performance of our staff. 


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hard choices when it comes to selecting a professional translation provider

Almiaad Lingua suggests abiding by the norms of quality when it comes to the hard choice of selecting who can best perform your translation task.

There are three main criteria when it comes to the selection of a professional translation partner.  Most customers would go for the cheapest and the fastest ones.  The downfall of rates has increasingly participated in the deterioration of the market and the profession, as a few serious people would accept to work for low rates.  The latter have been suggested by unprofessional novice intruders who need a few references in their profile pages.  The advent of modern communication technologies has enabled anybody to claim mastering nearly any profession on earth.   So, you can find any person working from home to be postulating for translation jobs on most popular job portals and translation websites. 

People whose expertise and qualified knowledge have not been sharpened by practical experience in professional contexts can be treated as professional translation providers by people looking for freelancers, either translation companies or first-hand clients.  The problem is that people are nowadays more compelled to abide by the rules of competitiveness through the provision of what they call competitive rates; which are nothing more than real wars and bone cracking policies to make professionals surrender and leave the ground to swindlers.   It is hard to admit, though many professionals avoid invoking this publicly so as to save the face value of the profession.  What else can we do if we avoid talking about this in public in order to find a solution? 

Ignoring this fact is not the best practice we can suggest to fellow translations and translation companies.  We should all raise the issue for public debate.  This should be in campaigns aiming at disassociating professional translation from unprofessional practices made by people whose connection with the profession begins and ends at the quick profit making mentality.  The identification of who these intruders are is the first step towards the disclosure of how they reach clients and try to convince them to hire their fake expertise.  The websites and job portals which participate in the laundering of these quacks should also be warned against the damage they create to their reputations as they work to arm the expert translators.

Many people would suggest relying on references and professional certification to differentiate those from the profession from the intruders.  In terms of quality assurance, this might sound convincing as a procedure.  However, what enables these people from getting university degrees in translation would easily make them accessible to the stamps of chartered institutions and lists of certifying bodies since money is what they usually need to get the certified label.  It remains usually true, and to a very large extent, to say that many Western countries who harbour certifying bodies are ethically and professionally more reliable than those in other countries when it comes to certifying professional translation providers.  However, this also deprives expert translators working from outside these developed countries from being recognized.  Almiaad Lingua relies on the internal quality assurance documents to convince its clients of the high professional level it guarantees. 



Friday, July 25, 2014

Traduction français arabe produite par Almiaad Lingua, une vrai marque de qualité’

Almiaad Lingua est une société’ de traduction qui se base dans plusieurs pays a’ travers des équipes de traducteurs et de prestataires de services linguistique.  Le défi réel que nous avons rencontre  était de fournir des services de qualité’ tout en gardant un cout très bas.  La qualité pour nous est le respect de notre métier comme traducteurs et interprètes.  Nous ne pouvons pas nous engager dans un travail qui ne respecte pas les normes de qualité et qui, par ailleurs, ne nous gagne pas la satisfaction de nos clients et leurs respects.  Dans le domaine de traduction français arabe, nous avons toujours été les meilleurs en terme de nombre de clients, aussi bien qu’en terme de réputation dans le milieu ou’ nous exerçons nos activités professionnelles.

Notre expérience dans le domaine de traduction a toujours été un élément très important dans nos évaluations et améliorations.  Nous offrons à nos clients la possibilité de faire des suggestions et des évaluations chaque fois que nous leurs offrons des services de traduction ou autres.  Les suggestions sont toujours très importantes pour nous car ils nous offrent la possibilité de voir comment notre travail et direction de la tache sont exercés.  Bien sûr, nous nous n’attendons pas à ce que le client fait réviser notre traduction et nous offre les suggestions et les corrections.  Notre traduction français arabe est toujours parfaite en terme d’authenticité, fidélité et de cohérence technique et linguistique.  C’est hors de question de penser à faire un travail qui porte un doute à propos de la qualité de travail. 

La chose la plus importante pour nous est de voir comment améliorer la façon par laquelle nous communiquons avec nos clients.  Aussi, nous voulons toujours être à la hauteur des expectations des clients.  La cote’ terminologie dans la traduction français arabe, par exemple,  nécessite des améliorations et du travail d’équipe pour pouvoir faire des mises à jours nécessaires, spécialement dans les domaines techniques et scientifiques.  Les terminologies utilisées   dans les domaines techniques, par exemple, nécessitent des révisions mensuelles parfois pour pouvoir être au niveau des innovations et des recherches scientifiques.  Les centres de recherche au Canada et en France font introduire des termes techniques qui n’ont pas de correspondants dans le monde arabe ou anglais.  C’est parfois notre rôle de faire traduire ces termes et les introduire dans les cercles scientifiques aussi bien qu’aux chercheurs. 

Pour pouvoir améliorer nos services de traduction français arabe, nous faisons des recrutements qui correspondent à nos besoins et demandes.  Les projets techniques et juridiques sont en plein action cette année, surtout en ce qui concerne les contrats, les fiches techniques, les manuels d’usage et les textes pédagogiques techniques.  Il y a aussi les textes politiques et les produits de marketing qui font uns des domaines de traduction les plus demandés.  La traduction français arabe est souhaitée par des clients provenant de plusieurs pays du monde. On peut citer à titre d’exemple : Dubai, Kuwait, France, Canada, Les Etats Unis d’Amérique, le Sénégal, la Cote d’Ivoire,  la Tunisie, l’Algérie, Suisse, Belgique, etc.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

خدمات الترجمة العربية من شركة الميعاد لنغوا في دبي (الامارات) وباقي دول العالم

خدمات الترجمة العربية من شركة الميعاد لنغوا في دبي (الامارات) وباقي دول العالم
علاوة على عديد الخدمات اللغوية المتميزة، تقترح عليكم شركة الميعاد لنغوا خدمة الترجمة المكتوبة لجميع انواع الوثائق والنصوص من والى اللغة العربية.  يعمل فريقنا المتميز على مدار الساعة في اغلب الدول وكل القارات ليستقبل طلبات الترجمة والاستفسارات من كل اصقاع المعمورة.  ما يجعل خدماتنا ذات جودة عالية لا تقارن بغيرنا من مكاتب الترجمة والمترجمين الافراد هو التزامنا بخدمة الحربف والزام انفسنا بترتيبات ضمان الجودة التي تتجاوز كل انواع التصديقات الرسمية. نقدم اليكم خدمات الترجمة العربية ذات الجودة العالية والمستوى المتألق من كل اللغات.
ان ما نضعه كضوابط لطرق ومسارات تقديم خدماتنا ينطلق من تجربتنا كمؤسسة ترجمة عالمية وكمهنيين محترفين في مجال الترجمة لما يزيد عن العشرين سنة من التجارب والخبرات التي راكمناها عبر مسيرة غنية بالمعلومات والتقنيات في دول مختلفة ومع خبراء ولغويين ومترجمين من خيرة المهنيين في  العالم.  إن فرقنا العاملة في الترجمة من والى اللغة العربية يمتلكون مهارات عالية وخريجو جامعات ذات مستوى عال. خدمات الترجمة العربية هي من ضمن الخدمات التي تتسم بالاحتراف والجودة العالية.  كما ان الاحترافية التي يتمتع بها المترجمون والعاملون مع شركة الميعاد لنغوا للترجمة تنبع من شيئين اساسيين: تراتيب الانتداب التي تعتمدها الشركة وتركيزها عل التدريب وتطوير الاداء. 
ننتخب كوادرنا والعاملين في قطاع الترجمة والترجمة الفورية من ضمن افضل العاملين في القطاع على المستوى العالمي.  ان ما تتمتع به شركتنا من كفاءة وحسن قبول في المستويين المحلي والدولي يجعل اقبال المترجمين على الالتحاق بفرق عملنا امرا مهما. ثم ان المستوى المحترف لتعملنا مع المترجمين المقبولين للعمل لدينا يجعل من صورتنا المهنية لدى المتقدمين مهمة.  نضع شروطا هامة لقبول المتقدمين الجدد من بينها: الاقدمية، الدرجة العلمية، التجربة الميدانية في التخصصات، السن الدنيا والخبرات في ميدان برمجيات الترجمة وذاكرة الترجمة.  بذلك نجعل الاعتماد على خدمات الترجمة العربية التي نقدمها معتمدة لدى حرفائنا في مختلف انحاء العالم. 
فيما يخص الاقدمية، لا نقبل مترجمين لا تتوفر فيهم اقدمية متاكدة لدى شركات او حرفاء يعتد بشهادتهم تقل عن الخمس سنوات مع اعتبار 50000 كلمة كحد ادنى من الكلمات المترجمة فعليا في اختصاصين على الاقل وموزعة على عشرين مشروع ترجمة كحد ادنى.  كما يجب ان يتقن المتقدم الترجمة الى اختصاصين على الاقل من جملة الاختصاصات الاكثر طلبا في سوق الترجمة.   كما ان العمل كمترجم فوري في المؤتمرات او اللقاءات يعتبر عنصرا مهما لدى المتقدمين.  كل من تثب تجربته كمترجم فوري عمل في خمس مناسبات كمترجم فوري لمؤتمر دولي او اقليمي او وطني بشهادة منظمي المؤتمر مباشرة يعتبر مترجما فوريا مع توفر شرط المعرفة باستعمال الاجهزة المعتمدة في المؤتمرات والتجهيزات الصوتية، ذلك لان تعتبر الترجمة الفورية في سياق خدمات الترجمة العربية من ضمن الخدمات الاكثر طلبا واهمية في المناسبات الاقليمية.
أما فيما يخص الشهائد العلمية التي نشترطها في المتقدمين للعمل معنا في خدمات الترجمة العربية امرا مهما من حيث نوعية الشهائد ومستواها ومصدرها.  نعتمد الشهائد الصادرة عن المؤسسات الحكومية المعتمدة في دولها والتي لها علاقة بالترجمة والدراسات اللغوية والالسنية او اي اختصاص علمي مطلوب في مجال الترجمة مشفوع بدراسة لنظريات واسس الترجمة وتطبيقاتها. كما نشترط دراسة البرمجيات اللعوية واتقان استعماله في ترجمة النصوص والمحافظة على المصطلحات.  اما السن الدنيا للعاملين معنا كنترجمين فينبغي ان تتجاوز الرابعة والعشرين وجوبا بالنسبة لمقدم خدمات الترجمة العربية.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Voice over services, some practical guidelines

Voice over services are the product of the work of professional artists whose talents and work experience have been employed in media and business advertising sectors, in particular.  The power of the message as articulated by the artist becomes very effective in persuasion, training, education, advertisements and art works.  Although our artists know the importance of following the practical guidelines of voice over products, we still need to emphasize the importance of adding the following items to their checklist.

1-      Practically speaking, the avoidance of stressed sections and words in voice over services production is important because it makes the speech natural and its perception by the listener more welcomed.  The effects of a naturally produced narration are more than those of unnatural speeches where unnecessary emphases are recurrently made.  Over stressing usually gives a strange impression and a welcomed effect for the message.  In English stress seems more regular and systematic, following patterns of word stress, meaningful word stress and intonation.  However, in languages like Arabic stress is less likely to be synchronized.  We seem to stress parts of speech based on our intention to make some parts more important than others.   

2-      Artist should also observe the stops made to raise interest.  These dramatic effects used in plays and cinema productions serve different purposes.  In voice over products, stopping may make the listeners doubt the effectiveness of their audio devices.  In addition, the effects stops and planned hesitations play in audio video products are different from those tried on audio products.  The interconnections between strings of meaning associated with the narrated text chunks usually function as acoustic image building devices for listeners.  The imagination of the listeners helps in building images which reflect their understanding.  However, when the text narration stops, the string of narration built through images is cut off.  For a better narration of texts, only short breaks are sometimes useful in the production of narration voice over services.

3-      Artists who drink milk should reduce this in the days when they have voice over services production. The effects milk has on the throat can reduce the clarity of the voice and make it drier than usual.  Heavy smokers also have problems of voice harshness when they record.  Although taking milk can be controlled, especially when the artist wants to record, the consumption of tobacco is difficult to quit.  Even the reduction of its use cannot easily change the quality of the voice to its original status.  It is true that some tasks of voice production require such strange qualities.  But, this is unusual and does not provide continuous and better opportunities for those who rely on voice over as a source income and professional activity should not risk destroying their careers in return for the desire to consume substances like tobacco.

For all your needs for voice over services, you are welcome to contact any of our offices for more details about our work processes, prices and quality measures.  We have teams of artists whose expertise cover all your needs, either as individuals, corporates or media companies.  For more details, send your enquiries to:

Friday, July 4, 2014

Professional translation services, some business plan guidelines

Business plans are crucial for the improvement of the business outcome and the gradual development of business objectives.  In the field of language services provision, making a business plan needs two basic requirements, among others: clearly defining competition and strengthening competitiveness.   Professional translation services are largely dependent on these two elements.  Almiaad Lingua has been devising business plans based on these key parts.  The idea here is that the rest of the components of the business plan are largely dependent on the definition of competitive you are in the global market.  It is widely known that completion in the translation services provision is extremely fierce. 

Defining competition entails analyzing the market of professional translation services provision and stating who the real competitors are.  Depending on the type and scope of action of the business provider, the competitors can be identified in relation to how fierce and important they are.  Almiaad Lingua operates onsite and online.  It provides office services through the offices and teams it has around the world in: UK (London & Leicester), UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Tunisia (Tunis), Canada, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Libya, France, Germany, Russia, etc.    However, Almiaad Lingua also works online and provides translation, proofreading, interpreting legalization and localization from its websites to clients from all over the world.   In the definition of the key competitors, the ones operating from the hidden side are more eminent and should be given more importance in the analyses than those who work as translation agencies / companies.  

Among the hidden competitors of professional translation services online, there are the ‘free translation’ providers who are not real providers of free services.  They are only users of a fake catch phrase keyword for advertising purposes.  But, their presence online is strengthened through this technique.  Hence, their online presence is stronger and, more importantly, puts authentic translation service providers in back positions.  Also, there are free dictionaries and translation managers who play the role of fierce competitors.  Thus, the planning of our business activities and the study of competitiveness has to consider these main factors. 

Onsite competitors who operate outside the realm of web are more visible.  They are in fact addressed via the effectiveness and high standards of our professional translation services.  The views echoed in the clients’ feedback and words of mouth suggested within their social networks are very important as real testimonials.  However, even in real world translation competitors can be hidden.  Nowadays, many companies still prefer using internal translators to presenting tenders and requesting bids and quotations.  They tend to economize through the employment of full time staff or the hiring of some freelancers.  However, the limited expertise of individuals and their inability to handle large projects makes the choice very unlikely to satisfy their needs.

Based on the analyses of the different layers of competition, we make our business plans for each region, bearing in mind that localization is the key to going global in the field of professional translation services provision.  The more importance we give to the competition factor, the more effective the business plan becomes.  Its effective execution is dependent on the clarity of the study and it depth. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Professional French English translation

Almiaad Lingua has been providing professional French English translation services as one of its main activities since the last decade.  As a major translation pair working at the international language, it is in high demand in nearly all corners of the world.  The importance of this translation pair is that it has a high demand and a wide widespread in many countries.  The large team of professionals working within these two languages is also an important factor for our success in the translation works carried out by the corresponding team.  However, there is a strong need to expand geographically and reach a wider clientele, especially in Russia, UAE (Dubai), Qatar, UK (Ireland, London), Canada and Switzerland.

The team of professional translators ensuring the work of professional French English translation work flow is composed of the most professional people in the market, some of them are onsite / office full time translators.  Others work as freelancers from home.  We have also opted for the recruitment of full time working from home who are engaged to work with Almiaad Lingua without necessarily having to come to our offices.    This method is useful especially when there is a continuous flow of work for the whole year from a contract or an expected work of an existing lead. 

The fields of expertise of the actual work with the professional French English translation pair are usually legal, technical and medical.  Other fields like oil, engineering are also widely sought in countries like: France, Spain, USA and Canada.  The importance of legal and contract translations appears in Middle Eastern and African countries.  Agreements between companies and in the real assets field sometimes necessitate the translation of the document from French into English.   Also, business meetings require an interpreter to facilitate negotiations between French and English speakers who do not share a common language. 

In Asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, and China corporates and diplomatic missions often make recourse to translation companies to meet their growing needs for professional French English translation.  For this purpose, Almiaad Lingua has established local teams of translators and conference interpreters since the emergence of need for these services there.  Even in countries where local people have less interest in translation services, there are international companies and institutions which require the expertise of professional translators.  Meanwhile, in countries like Japan and Canada, the French English translation needs arise at times when there are business deals which involve French and English speaking company managers or others using English as a lingua franca.

The fact that Almiaad Lingua combines its global operations with meeting local needs makes the business plans we operate under significantly in accordance with the main business trends in this post-globalism era.  We consider Professional French English translation a local business need open to global exploitation with local task performance.  Hence, our corporate structure is based on this combination between local and global ideas.  Thus, our teams and internal management teams use the local work force to meet the local needs as addressed by the global coordinating committee. 


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